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Same Day Loans UK

If you need funds today for an unexpected expense, one possible solution that is available in the United Kingdom is to apply for same day loans. But how do you know which lender is best for your individual circumstances?

At Quick Loans Express, we offer UK short term loans geared towards flexibility, because we understand that each one of our clients has their own unique financial conditions. If you recieve approval, we will deposit the funds within 1 hour. With variable loan amounts up to £2000, there are several repayment options to choose from, giving customers the opportunity to choose the right online fast loan UK for them – not a loan that works for their lender.

The beauty of our quick and simple online system is that you can forgo the queues and loan application processing delays which you might experience at a high street UK lender. Instead, simply fill out our application form online, and you can have the money in your account the very same day, once your loan has been approved.

Same Day Cash Loans

Same day cash loans provide quick relief when you find yourself with no money until payday. No matter how well we plan our budget, sometimes things happen to throw a wrench in the works. The unexpected happens to everyone — last minute expenses, unforeseen vehicle repair costs, telephone bills that are unexpected. These things are a simple fact of life. Sometimes you may find yourself stressed out simply because you cannot afford to pay.

Get a cash loan to your bank today, if approved.

Same day loans from a trusted, FCA-authorised lender

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But now that you have found Quick Loans Express, you can stop worrying. Whatever the cause of your money problems, our same day loans are designed to help you out. Our payday loan system ensures that – once approved – you will get your money transferred to your bank account.

Quick Loans Express is a responsible lender. Our multiple repayment systems are designed solely to provide financial assistance in emergency situations. Therefore, we strongly discourage our customers from taking out same day payday loans for almost any situation other than a crisis. By ignoring this advice, your finances can be severely impacted. We also stress that borrowers must repay all express instant payday loans together with interest, in full. Failing to do this can result in serious financial and legal ramifications.

Same Day Loan £300 over 2 months

If you repay your entire loan after: Amount of interest you’d pay Total saved through early repayment
5 days £10.50 £102.14
10 days £21.00 £91.64
20 days £42.00 £70.64
1 month £65.10 £47.54
2 months £112.64 £0

Same Day Loans vs Traditional Loans

A same day loan can often assist you in ways a conventional loan can’t. Some standard loans may require you to wait days or weeks for a decision. Usually, this is not convenient, especially if you need the cash in your account to meet your sudden expenses on the same day.

The term ‘same day loan’ applies to lenders who can fund approved applicants within one day. Although there are a substantial number of short term loan providers out there, not all can provide you with the cash immediately. Therefore, before you apply with a specific lender, make sure you know if they fund every day loans and when you can expect the money to arrive in your account.

Online Loans Same Day

Online Loans Same Day are loans that you can apply for online and receive within 24 hours of applying. The advantage of online loans same day is that you can do everything from your phone, tablet or computer, from wherever you may be. However, although they are convenient, they are not the most affordable way to source credit.

Online quick loans direct lender that you can access the same day are ideal for sourcing comparatively small sums of cash, fast. Let’s say your car breaks down and you cannot get to work, or the boiler gives up in mid-winter, these are the types of repairs you need to make immediately. If you don’t have the money in your account and can’t wait till payday, online same day loans can allow you to get your hands on the money you need.

If you qualify for a loan, you can get your same day cash loans virtually anywhere in the United Kingdom. No need to stress out if you are away from home, you can apply from anywhere and we will do our utmost to help you. We will deposit the money from your loan directly into your bank account within 1 hour of approval.

What Are The Advantages Of Our Same Day Loans?

There are lots of advantages to locating same day lenders online versus going over to a real, live same day loans lender. The most significant benefit is the convenience when dealing with same day lenders online. You will never to travel or schedule a meeting, you can apply online from the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day.

Here are some benefits of borrowing from Quick Loans Express:
You will not find any catches or hidden information. There are no application or government fees, so what you see is what you get!
Transparent loan application process.
The loan costs are spelt out during the application and e-signing process, so there will not be any surprises later.
No hidden charges
There isn’t any need to drag out tax returns, birth certificates, etc to find some abstract pieces of information. Fill in your name and some other details, and you’re on your way.
Simple Online Process

Flexible Same Day Loans from Quick Loans Express

If, after you’ve gotten your loan, you end up not able to pay it back according to the terms, do not panic. Flexibility is the nature of our enterprise. So long as you inform us of your current circumstance, we will try to arrange a payment plan to help make certain that you do not accumulate any interest and fees and keep your account in good standing. We understand how quickly and readily circumstances change. Stay in touch, and you will be fine. If you do not contact your creditors, they can only assume you don’t have any intention of paying back the funds.

As long as you take care when borrowing easy quick cash loans, and make sure to borrow an amount you know you can afford to repay, and you adhere to the repayment plan, using a “same day loan” can be an effective solution to a tricky issues. With Quick Loans Express, our flexibility is our trademark. Not only can you get the funds quickly but you can repay them quickly through our online login. Repay however early you want! Need 7 day loans? Not a problem! You can repay your loan after 7 days, if you want, and save a lot of interest.

Loans Same Day Payout

Quick Loans Express offers online loans with same day payout. Our loans are designed for when the unexpected happens, and you want a loan quickly. Sometimes no one can help and you need the money ASAP. What do you do? Do not worry, Quick Loans Express has you covered. Our same day cash loans system allows you to apply and get your cash simply and quickly, all on the same day. Whatever the circumstance, we’ve got something for you. Stranded in a foreign land? Unexpected phone-bill? Flat tire before payday? Do not worry, our same day loans system has been designed to give you a hand! So what are you waiting for? Take a few minutes to submit our application form if you need help with our same day payout loans.

We are a premium UK same day cash loans lender and we offer loans from £200 – £2000. But why choose us? Because we’re different. We offer you our unique repayment options. You can give yourself the freedom to pay back in up to 4 instalments over 4 months. On the other hand, you can also repay your loan in just a week. Then you will only pay interest for however long you had the loan for. Sound simple? It is!

How to Find a Same Day Payday Loans:

Finding the right loan for your circumstances depends on several factors. For starters, you have to ascertain the type of “same day” loan you are pursuing. Here, we give a simple, four-step process to help you make sure that you select the right loan for your needs.

Step 1: How much do you need? For smaller amounts, an unsecured loan or a short term loan may be the answer, whereas a larger amount may require a longer-term instalment loan.  Whether or not you’ll receive the money immediately depends more on the lender than the loan type, but determining precisely what type of loan is best suited to your situation is an important first step.
Step 2: Can you get same day option? Once you have determined the category of loan that you need, you can start to assess whether or not there’s a same day option available. Getting a same day loan or same day instalment loans will come down to whether or not your lenders offer it and where or not you are eligible for that same day loan.
Step 3: Will you be able to repay your loan?

You always have to make sure that a loan is ideal for you and you can comfortably pay it back on time.

Step 4: Make an application You can apply online from anywhere you have Internet access, and you may be given a decision in 30 minutes or less. If accepted, you can get the money you need to be funded within 1 hour after approval. If you have been looking for same day lenders, Quick Loans Express is the answer for you.

Please review our rates and terms before applying with us. Also be aware that our online short term loans are for occasional use only. You shouldn’t use them to manage debt, or if you’re already under financial strain.

The quick and simple online application form for same day loans is available on our site. It should only take you a few minutes to fill out the form. Once completed, we will process your loan. If approved, we will deposit the money into your account on the same day. As though that wasn’t easy enough, our application process is totally paperless. Let us help you take back control by applying today!

Same Day Unsecured Loans

Do you need a loan, but the daunting application process is preventing you from getting one? Well with Quick Loans Express, you can be sure that there are no strings attached. Our unsecured instant payday loans can be obtained quickly online with no need for collateral or a guarantor. You also do not need to worry about waiting up to three days to see if your application has been approved. You can apply online and usually will get an instant lending decision. If approved, money will be sent within 1 hour after acceptance.

Applying for same day unsecured loans online has never been easier. Even with less-than-perfect credit, your application will be assessed by Quick Loans Express. New customers can apply for up to £2,000. Apply today – and if approved, allow our same day loans to be the answer to your emergency needs.

Same Day Loans for Bad Credit

There are very few people out there that have perfect credit scores. The recent economic crisis has pushed people’s finances to the verge and, in many people’s cases, something had to give. The fact is that something as minor as a missed payment on a mobile phone bill can be enough to cause damage to your credit score. Having these types of poor debt cases can cause difficulties in obtaining loans. If you are looking to borrow without a collateral required, Quick Loans Express makes borrowing the money you need painless and simple.

At Quick Loans Express, we’re well aware of the hard times lots of people have been through and are willing consider your application for same day loans for bad credit. Obviously, that does not mean we will approve every customer who comes to us looking for a loan. But it does mean that we don’t base our lending decision only on your credit score. Our underwriters use a range of measures, including your personal circumstances and advance affordability metrics to make an informed and responsible lending decision. As a responsible lender, we run credit checks and affordability checks on each applicant.

Improve your chance of getting approved for a bad credit same day loan

We can suggest that to improve your chance of getting approved for a bad credit unsecured fast loan, it would be smart to look at a copy of your credit report that is current. Go through the report very cautiously and look for any inaccurate information.  If you find any info that you think to be incorrect, contact the credit reporting agency. They will need to listen to your request to change the data to reflect the true circumstances.

Express same day loans for bad credit

Get up to £2000 today, if approved.

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Avoid being late with any obligations that you have due for bills or loans. Remember; the more efforts you make to repair your credit, regardless of how small, will be seen in a good light by any lending company.

Guarantor Loans Same Day Payout

A guarantor is someone who makes a promise that a loan or other type of debt will be paid. Typically, a guarantor signs a contract which says that if the borrower is unable to pay the loan back, the payments will be taken over by the guarantor. The term is generally used in reference to financial help.

It can be quite hard to obtain same day guarantor loans. This is because there is a lot of paperwork involved. Lenders generally also like to meet the guarantor in person and perform checks to make sure that the guarantor would be able to resume payments in the event that the borrower cannot. This makes it unlikely that the lender will be prepared to release the funds within the same day.

Same Day Loans No Guarantor

You can apply for no guarantor loans with Quick Loans Express. With us, there isn’t a need to find someone to back you when applying for your loan. No need to hassle your friends and family when you are able to apply for the money you need without the extra trouble of finding a guarantor. 

Do not put off getting financing for the cash you’ve been on the lookout for just because you do not have a guarantor. With Quick Loans Express, there’s no guarantor required. Start looking for a no guarantor quick loan that offers you flexibility based on your unique circumstances.

Although emergency situations tend to bring a sense of urgency, it may be just as important to be sure that the loan makes sense for you. A ‘no guarantor’ loan or ‘poor credit loan’ may look like the way to go, but when deciding on financing, the most important aspects are the type of lender, and the sort of loan you’re applying for. Quick Loans Express provides a range of loan solutions to suit a diverse range of personal circumstances and situations.

Guaranteed Same Day Loans

There is no FCA authorised lender in the UK that can guarantee you a loan before you apply. This is because every single lender in the UK must carry out the relevant checks before considering a loan applicant. If you are looking for same day loans no credit check, you should be aware that no lender is allowed to approve a loan request without running a credit check first. It is simply not legal.

So, if you see a website that advertises ‘Same Day loans No credit check No Guarantor’, you should probably avoid them. Don’t forget to always check that a lender is fully authorised by the FCA before putting an application in with them. Nowadays, with everyone living in the fast lane, we all want instant results. You want a loan – you want it now. It’s important to ensure you don’t compromise safety for speed.

If you have bad credit, you can still find loans for poor credit with lenders like Quick Loans Express. We perform a range of checks, including affordability and credit checks for each application, and base our lending decisions on a range of factors. Apply today with Quick Loans Express, even if you have bad credit.

FAQs about Same Day Loans

Who Can Apply and Qualify For a Same Day Loan?

As a responsible lender, we’ve put in place set criteria to ensure that we are just lending to those who can afford it. To receive approval for the same day loan you must be:

  • Over 18 Years Old
  • A UK resident
  • In current employment and earning a minimum of £750
  • Have a UK bank account with an active debit card.

You’re also required to have a mobile phone and access to internet.

How Much you can Borrow With An online Day Payday Loan?

We offer same day loans of up to £2000 for our customers. You can repay one of our loans over a period of up to 4 months. This is different from a payday loan as payday loans need to be repaid at the end of the month in one lump sum. We are aware that sometimes people need a little bit more time to pay back their payday loan, and so we provide the choice of repayments to them.

How quick are same day payday loans approved?

The majority of payday loans are usually approved within just a few hours and you can have the money within one hour of approval. This is one of the main reasons that same day payday loans are very popular. A typical instant decision payday loan can be applied for at 2 pm, and the cash can be in your account before 5 pm the same day.

Will Same Day Loans Affect My Credit Score?

While your application for a same day loan will leave a footprint on your own credit report, it should not affect your credit score if you are approved and don’t miss a repayment. However, applying for lots of loans at the same time will have a detrimental affect on your credit score. If a lender refuses to offer you a loan, it is best to wait a little before applying again.

Are There Alternatives To Same Day Loans?

Because payday loans have a high APR, they are usually left as a last resort for people who are unable to get finances anywhere else. However, there are a number of choices to same day payday loans such as bank loans, credit unions, borrowing from friends and family, government financial support and university loans.

Why Should I Choose Quick Loans Express For a Same Day Loan?

Here at Quick Loans Express, we can supply you with a dependable, direct same day loan service.  We are here to help you get the cash you require once you need it. With our same day loans, we aim to get the money into your account within the hour of your approval. Our application is user-friendly, clear, simple and quick, and we are transparent with how much your loan will cost you. Choose Quick Loans Express for your every day loan needs.

In Summary:

Whether you are looking for a same day loan or need same day loans for bad credit, Quick Loans Express is here to solve your problems today. We can make same day deposits of up to £2000!

Our same day payday advances are quick and easy to apply for. No guarantor, no paperwork, no waiting. Apply now for same day payout.