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Get approved online for up to £1,500 today. We are a payday loan direct lender with a goal to offer fast service and flexible repayment terms. We've already helped thousands of customers get the money they needed quickly. Click the button to apply now!
Decision in 2 minutes
Up to £1,500
3 to 9 months
832.04% Representative APR
Repay early and save
Representative example: Borrow £700 for 5 months. 1st monthly repayment of £235.80, 3 monthly repayments of £235.80, last monthly repayment of £235.90. Total repayment £1,179.10. Interest rate p.a. (fixed) 222.79%. Representative APR 832.04%. Our APR includes all applicable fees. Daily interest is capped at 0.798%. To compare our loans click here.
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Quick LoansExpress PAYDAY LOANS

QuickLoansExpress is an award-winning short term loan provider in the UK. We aim to help people with bad or non-existent credit histories get fast and easy financing when they need it most.

Img 01 What we provide

Payday loans from a direct lender

Img 02 Who is it for

Those who live and work in the United Kingdom

Img 03 Amount

£300 – £1,500

Img 04 Duration

Pay back in 3-9 months

Img 05 Approval rate

All credit considered. Funding within 1 hour of approval.

Img 06 How to apply

Apply online 24/7. Applications take 3 minutes

Img 07 Requirements

Age over 21 with payslips in the UK

Img 08 Good to know

You can repay early anytime with no penalty

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What are payday loans?

Also called salary advances, payday loans are short-term unsecured loans you can use to cover unexpected expenses before your next payday. They are borrowed in small amounts and are paid over a short period, usually within three months.

Although our loans are easy to apply for and have quick approval times, they are very expensive compared to other forms of credit. Make sure you can afford the loan before borrowing it, and make sure to pay back your loan on schedule to avoid incurring extra charges.

Is QuickLoansExpress a direct lender or a broker?

We primarily provide loans directly; however, we may offer to act as a credit broker with your permission if we can’t offer you a loan. If you don’t want us to act as a broker, you can opt out of this service at the start of the application form.

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How do payday loans work?

These loans enable applicants to borrow a specific amount, to be paid back within a few months. Since they are unsecured, they require no collateral, and you don’t need to have perfect credit to qualify. After approval, the lender will deposit the cash into your bank account in one hour. The repayment term is usually 3-9 months.

Can I apply with bad credit?

Yes. We use a proprietary scoring system that weighs factors such as your income, debt-to-income ratio, and employment status. This means you can apply with us even if you have bad credit. Still, it is wise to check your credit history over the past six years and see if there’s anything you can do to improve your credit score.

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Why should you choose our loans?

Transparency and Compliance
Clarity on loan terms, compliance, and transparency about costs and fees are essential. We are an FCA-authorised direct lender and a broker. We offer a wide range of loan amounts together with easy-to-understand representative examples. Our online form includes a loan calculator that allows you to see the exact costs of your loan, along with monthly repayments and affordability factors.

Why do people apply for payday loans?
Emergencies never come at a good time. Suddenly, your car breaks down, your pet falls sick, or you must go to the hospital. Also, the rising cost of living in the UK leaves many families with a short-term financial gap, which payday loans may help address. Payday loans online are a valuable way to get money quickly. They are especially helpful when you need urgent cash to bridge your expenses or don’t want to deal with the delay of a bank loan. However, online loans should only be used when all other options have been exhausted, as they are expensive.

Protecting your credit file
We perform soft credit checks during the application process, and a mandatory full review only upon approval. Working with a reliable direct lender can protect your credit file from overwhelming credit checks.

Who is eligible to apply?

Before applying to borrow money on our website, there are specific requirements you must meet to be considered eligible. You’ll need to:

Be a UK resident who lives full-time in the UK

Have a UK bank account to receive funds

Provide a valid phone number and email address

Work in the UK with a minimum wage of £1000 per month

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When should I use a payday loan?

According to a survey by the Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3), a third of the respondents said they would find it “somewhat difficult” to settle a £50 bill, while 47% said the same about a £100 bill.

Another 60% said they would struggle to settle a £250 bill, and 67% would find it challenging to cover a £500 bill. Although this was a controlled study, it suggests that over half of UK residents are just one £500 emergency away from losing financial stability.

When in tough financial times, some people might need quick payday loans to cover emergencies. Examples of these could be:

  • Car repairs
  • Emergency medical bills
  • Home repairs, including roofing and plumbing issues
  • Funeral expenses
  • Other large unexpected bills

Can online payday loans be trusted?

Most payday loans lenders are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), but you should always verify the lender on the FCA register and make sure that the website listed there matches the website you are applying on.

Keep in mind as well that broker websites are less safe as brokers tend to sell your information rather than provide the loan themselves.

What alternatives are there to payday loans?

Payday loans are expensive and should only be considered after exhausting all other avenues. Here are some alternatives to payday loans to consider:

  1. Borrow from your bank

    One of the most common ways to borrow from your bank account is by applying for an “arranged overdraft.” If you borrow without authorisation from your bank, this is called an unauthorised overdraft and can be very damaging to your credit file. Another way to borrow from your bank is to get approved for a credit card. This, of course, takes time and credit cards should be used very carefully. You can read more about this form of borrowing here.

  2. Apply to join a union

    Credit unions are not-for-profit organisations that provides members with savings accounts, current accounts and loans at low interest rates (no more than 3% each month). Credit unions are regulated by the the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so they have to meet certain standards when it comes to lending. They do not charge any fees or interest for borrowing money.

  3. Get help from your local authority

    Your local council might offer financial support to people who are struggling financially. You can find out about their services by contacting your local council. Your local council will also be able to give you information about other organisations that can help you. Citizens Advice also has a list of free debt charities that you can contact.

Payday loans during the cost of living crisis

In September 2022, Channel 4 released a documentary called “Broke: Britain’s Debt Emergency”. The documentary uncovered some alarming statistics about the current cost of living crisis:

  1. In the last 6 months, 1 in 4 people borrowed to pay for food and energy bills
  2. It is predicted that 1 in 5 people will be in poverty by next year
  3. Prices are rising faster than any time in the last 40 years
  4. 1 million people are borrowing from illegal loan sharks, that’s a 233% increase from previous estimates.
  5. 45% borrow from a loan shark to cover everyday living costs.

With the cost of living continuing to rise in the UK, more people and being pushed into debt – many for the first time in their life! The Financial Conduct Authority released figures indicating a rise in the number of people experiencing financial difficulties. This number grew from 8% in May 2022 to 11% in January 2023. The documentary claims that UK households are facing the largest collapse in living standards since records began. For the average consumer, this means less monthly disposable income. For example, according to Citizens Advice data, last year a Citizens Advice assessment client on UC had £15 a month at the end of each month, but this year they have -72p.

Should I apply for a loan if I am struggling with the cost of living?

No. The worst thing to do when you are struggling to cover everyday costs is to borrow high-interest loans. Instead, you should reach out to Citizens Advice or Stepchange to get free and impartial fianncial advice.

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Payday Loan FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions from previous users that might be useful when deciding whether to borrow a payday loan or not.

Can I apply 24/7?

You can apply online with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Throughout the day, in the middle of the night, and also on bank holidays and weekends. We process applications Sunday through Friday, and the finances you need will be in your bank account within an hour after your application is approved.

How fast will I get funded?

We guarantee you will get funded the same day you’re approved. Approval can take anywhere between 2 hours and 2 business days depending on whether we need more information from you and how easy you are to contact.

Do I need to provide payslips or bank statements?

We don’t usually require it, but when we do, you’ll be able to submit everything seamlessly online via our specialised platform for uploading documents.

Do you loan to people on benefits or who are unemployed?

No. When applying for a loan, you need to have a regular salary income that can prove you can afford the loan repayments.

Can I get payday loans from a direct lender, with no brokers involved?

Yes, you can apply for a payday loan directly from us. If we cannot fund you fast, we will ask if you want us to share your information with a loan broker. If you do not want any brokers involved, all you need to do is not tick the relevant box at the start of the loan application form.

What is a cheap payday loan? Does everybody pay the same?

There is no such thing as a cheap payday loan. By definition, a payday loan is a form of high-cost credit. At QuickLoansExpress, we don’t vary the interest rate depending on your credit score. We are a fair and transparent lender, and we provide the same interest rates to everyone.

What if I can’t pay back my loan on time?

If you find that you cannot repay your payday loan within the fixed period, you can contact our friendly team, and they will do everything they can to help you put an affordable plan in place. Just a heads up, we count on you to give us the full and true info when you apply, so we can lend responsibly.

Payday loan usage and concerns

We asked some of our thousands of happy customers why they chose QuickLoansExpress and their essential factors while applying to borrow money online. The results are below:

  1. “Payday loans UK” – Captures geographic specificity. Many people prefer to work with a UK-based direct lender and avoid offshore call centres and people who need help speaking English. 
  2. Quick payday loans” – Covers the need for speed in processing. Many of our customers see the speed of funding as the most crucial feature of our loans.
  3. Bad credit payday loans” – Addresses the concern of borrowers with poor credit histories. Many customers appreciate the fact we consider affordability over flat-credit-score.
  4. Instant payday loans” – Imply immediate processing and funding. Primarily, our customers expect instant decisions for their loan applications.
  5. No credit check payday loans” – Appeals to those concerned about credit inquiries. We use soft credit checks to minimise the impact on our customer’s credit file.
  6. Cheap payday loans” – For affordability or lower APR/interest rates. Payday loans are costly and should be used to solve a specific short-term problem.
  7. Short-term payday loans” – Specifies the loan duration; mostly, customers are interested in 6- or 9-month repayment periods.
  8. Online payday loans” – Highlights the online application aspect. Many people expect the application process to be 100% online.
  9. Guaranteed payday loans” – For those looking for high approval rates.
  10. “Payday loans direct lender” – Indicates direct lending rather than through brokers. When considering borrowing money online, most people prefer to work with an authorised, reliable direct lender.

As an authorised direct lender and, more importantly, a reliable company and team that cares, we ask you to always check for cheaper alternatives. We do our best, but we can only sometimes be the most affordable option in the market. 

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