Looking for instant payday loans? We specialise in instant decision loans with immediate payout. Your instant cash loan can be in your account within one hour of approval. Apply now for a new and fast lending experience. FCA-authorised.

Instant Decision Loans

Unexpected costs? Overspending? Several more days left until your payday? We can help you out with our instant decision loans with same day payout. At Quick Loans Express, we want your application process to be as easy as possible. We just don’t believe in over complicating issues.

Quick Loans Express understands that sudden things occur, and payday may be too far away for you to get the income you need today. That is why we offer online easy quick loans that can help you make it through a time that is challenging.

How Quick Loans Express Online Payday Loans Are Unique
Firstly, we offer a completely transparent service that allows you to apply for and obtain an instant online decision within a matter of minutes. Once accepted, we make an effort to transfer funds to your selected banking account within 1 hour of your application. Our customers require payday loans instant payout, and that’s why we pride ourselves on our fast cash transactions.
Transparent Service
Furthermore, we are very likely to beat the costs charged by the majority of UK payday lenders in the industry. Our approval rates are also very high.
Lower Charges
In addition, our efficiency is due primarily to our easy application process, which doesn’t need paperwork or any comprehensive information. This shortens the process of getting instant payday loans immensely. You can begin to understand why we can assist you with your cheap same day loan UK so efficiently. This is because you can complete the entire process online.
Efficient and Easy Application
Our customers look to us, on account of our effective service every time they come across financial problems.  We owe a great deal of our success to our customers who spread our name via recommendations.
Top Notch Customer Service

Quick Loans Express affords you the ability to manage your finances, as there is no way to know when you could need the extra support. Rather than finding yourself dealing with late fees, unpaid bills or other expenses, you can get the temporary aid you need, if you want it. You can have funds deposited directly into your banking account within 1 hour if approved.

The Benefits Of Using Quick Loans Express

  • 5 minutes to fill out an online application form
  • Instant decision and approval online
  • No hidden fees or costs
  • Low-interest rates and APR*
  • Flexible funding and repayment terms
  • Cash deposited in an hour
  • Strict data protection
  • FCA registered
  • High acceptance rates

Instant Loans Online

Benefits of Applying for Instant Loans Online

What is promising is that whenever you deal with an internet lender like Quick Loans Express, the approval and application processes don’t require you and a storefront lender to meet personally.  With unsecured same day loans online, you’ll be able to apply anywhere you have access to the internet. You can apply away from home with your mobile or from the convenience of the household. You are not confined to going to a workplace during store hours. Quick Loans Express’s application is available 24 hours each day, seven days per week.

Instant Payday Loan £800 over 2 months

If you repay your entire loan after: Amount of interest you’d pay Total saved through early repayment
5 days£28.00£272.38
10 days£56.00£244.38
20 days£112.00£188.38
1 month£173.60£126.78
2 months£300.38£0

How To Apply For An Instant Online Loan

You can apply for a loan via our website. Just click on any of the “apply now” buttons to take you directly to our online application form. Our application process is straightforward, very clear and entirely online. This means you won’t need to queue anywhere and can do it from the comfort of your home. Our business is never closed! We are available online to assist you at any time with any questions you might have about your application. We are also available to explain how  Quick Loans Express works and any other concerns you might have.

You can apply for an instant loan 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Throughout the day, in the middle of the night, and also on bank holidays. The finances you need will be in your bank account, within an hour after your application approval.

We Have No Hidden Charges

You will know exactly what you are getting when applying with us, as our application is extremely straightforward and there are no hidden fees. We’ll never charge you a service payment as applying with us is wholly free of charge. Our financing team will be with you every step of the application procedure to offer you with assistance and give you advice.

  1. Apply anytime
  2. In most cases, we process applications within 30 minutes
  3. If authorised, money can be sent within an hour

Using Our Loans Responsibly

Please keep in mind that while people use Quick Loans Express every day, our short term loans are designed to be used responsibly. They are here to make it easy for you to look after the costs that cannot wait so that you may start saving money for the next time you have unexpected expenses. Always make sure to use a trusted, FCA- authorised lender who will help you get your finances in order.

The loan is usually repaid on your next payday, with a fixed amount of interest. Cash loans are transferred into the borrower’s bank account, and she or he will probably use the funds until the next payday. The power of one of these loans is that although lenders will perform credit checks, you may receive an almost immediate acceptance and fast deposit of funds. Typically, people with poor credit rating will be the people who benefit from Instant loan companies. Instant Loan lenders provide quick service during an emergency. Once your application is authorised, the lender can transder your funds to your banking account within several minutes.

We do not require explanations of what your loan is for, though banks occasionally tend to request this information.

Instant Cash Loans

How to Use Instant Cash Loans

If you need to borrow for a very short timeframe, instant cash loans and instant payday loans are a good solution. We do not recommend applying through a broker. Brokers can take longer to process the application. Instant payday loans no brokers are available here at Quick Loans Express.

Instant Payday Loans Direct Lenders

It is common for people to look for direct lender fast loans if they need cash fast. However, make sure you only apply for instant payday loans direct lenders who work quickly.

That’s because it takes time:

  1. To get a prospective client to submit that loan application,
  2. For the lender to review the application and determine whether to approve the loan,
  3. For the lender to transfer the funds once they approve the application.

Banks are not known for processing short term loans very quickly either. Some people are lucky enough to have friends and family who will assist them through tough economic situations. If you don’t have this option and you need fast cash, finding a short term loan from instant lenders is a great alternative.

Some common uses of instant cash loans include:

Car Repair LoansIf your car breaks down, you need to pay for urgent car repairs. Instead of waiting until you receive your next paycheck, a quick loan can help you pay for the repairs today, getting you back on the road as fast as possible.APPLY NOW
Loans for Unexpected BillsPushing off paying your utility bills can mean huge fees and interest charges. Sometimes it gets to the point where you are at risk of getting cut off from your water, electricity or gas supply. Instant payday loans will help avoid any penalties resulting from not paying your bills.APPLY NOW
Loans for RentRent is one of those bills that are pretty fixed. If you have run out of cash and can’t pay your rent, you should first try to speak to your landlord. However, if you can’t push off paying your rent, you might be able to take a fast online loan to gather the required funds.APPLY NOW
Mortgage LoansPaying your mortgage is also one of those bills that need to be paid on time. A cash advance with same day payout can be a last minute solution if you don’t have the money to pay your mortgage this month.APPLY NOW
Medical ExpensesMedical emergencies are one of those things that crop up and need immediate funds. But often, your paycheck will just not stretch that far. A payday loan cash advance brings your payday early, allowing you to pay for your medical expenses when you really need them.APPLY NOW

Quick Loans Express has high acceptance rates. In addition, we provide great APR rates to the consumer.  Upon authorisation, you’ll have the loan amount deposited into your bank account on the same day, when possible.

Instant Loans

Payday Loans Instant Decision

Although instant decision quick loans exist, some say that there is no such thing as an “instant payday loan” because most loans need an application and approval process. However, at Quick Loans Express, our application usually takes a couple of minutes to fill out. You will receive an instant decision to your application, although in certain cases, we may need to look at your application a bit further. In that case, the decision will take no longer than half an hour. We will proceed with our standard checks which usually takes around 30 minutes after you have submitted your application. We like to think the process is convenient for our customers although we are unable to grant every applicant an instant loan. Either way, you will find out our decision within around 30 minutes.

Are Instant Loans Safe?

In this fast-paced electronic world, entering into a loan contract involves consideration and careful thought. Consequently, instant loans could be rather dangerous. However, at Quick Loans Express, we make sure not to skip any of the vital decision-making steps to fund the loan quickly. Still, we offer instant loans online no guarantor, no paperwork and no fax to avoid as much unnecessary hassle as possible.

No Credit Check Loans Instant Decision

If you have bad credit, you may be looking for a lender that does not carry out a credit check before lending you money. No credit check loans are illegal in the UK. If you do find a no credit check lender who is willing to lend to you without a credit check, it could be dangerous for you to do so as your safety is not the lender’s priority. Loans for bad credit are available from responsible lenders online who are licensed by the FCA. At Quick Loans Express, we do offer instant decision payday loans for bad credit.

Instant Cash Loans for Poor Credit

Instant cash loan services come to the rescue when you have a poor credit history, and most financial institutions won’t agree to offer you a loan. Payday loans instant cash companies are there to provide you with a quick loan despite having a poor credit history. Provided that the customer meets the particular requirements of the loan company, which often entails paying a higher rate of interest, he or she could benefit from the advantages of the loan from the company. You can often use these instant cash loan services online. They are usually short term solutions to a person’s unexpected expenses.

Bad Credit Loans Online – Instant Decision

You might be wondering why lenders like Quick Loans Express will lend to customers who have bad credit. Normally, lenders will not give fast loans online for bad credit instant decision as they are taking a larger risk by lending to someone with a bad track record. However, at Quick Loans Express, we believe that our customers are better than their credit score. Instead, we might focus on other aspects of a customer’s situation, such as their ability to repay the loan.

We offer loans for bad credit, no guarantor, no fees, instant decision. Our aim is to give our instant payday loans with the least amount of hassle, but a high level of responsibility and care. We don’t only lend to people with a great credit score, we also give loans for people with bad credit – instant decision, no fees!

What Happens if I Can’t Repay my Instant Cash Loan?

Typically, the capability to repay the interest together with the loan is guaranteed through the credit checks that all FCA authorised lenders perform. They’re usually an expensive solution to an investment management problem.  Payday cash loans are short term loans that have a considerably high level of interest.

If you find that you are unable to repay the loan within the fixed period, you will often be able to refinance your loan. This will mean increasing the interest cost for that continuous period of the loan. People often turn to instant loans when they don’t meet their monthly expenditure needs. Unless, of course, you maintain a proper spending budget and also have control over your expenses, you’re likely to face this problem.

Our instant payday loan application process itself will be a lot faster and far less strict than other organisations. For example, banks or building groups require payslips and bank statements. That is why instant payday loans have grown to be the preferred choice.

Instant Loans UK

Applying for Instant Payday Loans with Quick Loans Express

Quick Loans Express is part of a fantastic group of financial service sites offering affordable short term loans and high acceptance fast payday loans in the UK. We support thousands of people by giving an honest, reliable and affordable service daily. We recognise that being confronted with economic difficulties can be a stressful prospect which is why we are passionate about encouraging you every step of the way.

At Quick Loans Express, we ensure our clients are always in the driving seat and have total control over their payday loan enabling them to pick the precise amount of cash needed for the specific period of time that they need it.

Instant Payday Loans: A Summary

We hope that we have helped you understand what instant cash loans are and when you should use them. So, if you are looking for fast online money, you can apply with Quick Loans Express for instant payday loans, and we will try and get your money to you as fast as possible if you are approved.