Quick Loans Express is an FCA regulated short term loans provider. Our loans are faster and better alternatives to payday loans. You can borrow £250 – £2000 with an instant decision. Receive your loan in 1 hour after approval. Quick Loans Express welcome people with poor credit too.

Need Short Term Loans in the UK?

Why to choose Quick Loans Express for your payday loan alternative

Looking for a payday loan alternative? Quick Loans Express is an affordable and flexible loans direct lender that lets you pay in affordable monthly instalment repayments. Our interest rates are one of the best on the market at just 696.83%% APR.

Our goal is to provide financial protection for Quick Loans Express customers who are in need a little bit of extra cash or face unexpected expenses and want a flexible repayment policy in minutes. It takes only 2-3 minutes to complete our easy online application form, and there are no hidden fees. Pay your balance off early or keep to the pre-arranged instalments – Quick Loans Express does what suits you best.

Say no to payday loans! When money is tight, there is no time to waste. So we don’t make you wait around. Once you have applied, we provide you with a 90-second decision and if approved, 1-hour funding that goes directly to your bank account. Never wait around again! Get your loan from a trusted direct lender today and join many satisfied UK customers.


Why You Should Choose a Payday Loan Alternative

Despite instant payday loans serving an essential purpose, payday loan debt is thought to be behind high-stress levels that can have a significant impact on borrowers’ busy lives. The rate of payday loan decisions are slow, and repayment options are limited. Quick Loans Express loans act as a faster, better and fairer alternative credit option.

Getting the Best from Your Short Term Loan

Unlike payday loans, our quick loans online are designed to be flexible and they have a high acceptance rate. Whatever your situation, be it employed, self-employed, a student, unemployed or on benefits – you can apply with us. However, make sure you have a steady source of income to ensure you have an affordable and responsible borrowing experience.

This is what you get if you apply with us:

  • Safe and reliable direct lender
  • 90 second loan decision
  • 1 hour cash transfer (if approved)
  • Cheap and fair interest rates
  • Simple application – no guarantor required
  • Flexible monthly repayments

So if this sounds like the product for you and is what you are looking for with a no hassle loan provider, just click the apply button below and you can receive your online loan decision within 90 seconds.


You Can Apply For a Short Term Loan with Bad Credit

A poor credit rating doesn’t deter us from lending money to people who can genuinely afford it. You may have had bad experiences with borrowing in the past, but if your affordability has improved since then and you need a loan, then Quick Loans Express welcome you to apply (even if you have poor credit). We have a high acceptance rate that you are unlikely to find with payday loans. The cool thing is that Quick Loans Express is not a broker, but a direct lender and you don’t need a guarantor. By applying for a loan with us, you will save on extra fees and we do not share your data with any third party. You will also save a lot of time.

Credit Checks on Short Term Applications

Borrowing any loan is a huge responsibility especially an unsecured loan. It is no more risky for us than it is for you. That is why we do perform credit checks, according to FCA guidelines, as it helps us determine whether it is in your best interest to borrow money. No credit check loans lenders in the UK are most likely illegal, and they are unsafe to use as they are likely to cause severe debt problems. For this reason, there is no such legitimate thing as a guaranteed loan as lenders must perform the appropriate credit checks when FCA authorised. It might be worth considering alternative credit options or turning to debt helplines for guidance if you are struggling to pay your bills or short term loans on time.

The Pros and Cons of Using Short Term Loans


  • Quicker and easier to obtain than payday loans
  • Useful when you need a quick approval financial fix
  • Monthly instalment repayments and the option to repay early – less rigid than payday loans


  • Interest rates are expensive (due to the risk)
  • Can lead to serious debt problems if you cannot afford to repay the loan on time.

Loans in the short term can be very useful but should only be used if you know you can make the monthly repayments and in an emergency.


Are Quick Loans Express’s Cheap Loans Right for You?

There are certain requirements for those interested in taking out a loan:

  1. You must 18 years of age
  2. Be a UK resident
  3. Have a UK Bank account
  4. Prove some source of steady income

Quick Loans Express don’t leave you in the dark; we have an online loan calculator that allows you to assess the cost of our cheap short term loans before your application without wasting time. Please contact our customer service team or check our FAQ page for additional queries about our alternatives to payday loans.

Written by: Taylor Rose
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