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Quickloansexpress.co.uk is a new direct lender. We operate throughout the UK and are committed to providing fast online credit with same day funding (if approved). We are also fully authorised by the FCA which means that your safety and security are never compromised in the process.

As part of the trusted Western Circle Family, Quick Loans Express is committed to the same gold standard as all members of the Western Circle Group. We have already helped over 20,000 people in the UK to obtain responsible credit online. Our customers’ reviews are a source of inspiration, and we continue to develop innovative technologies to make quick loans online available to more people at a faster rate.

Quick payday loans to all

As a group, we promised to redefine the payday loans market in the UK. Quick Loans Express is a significant step forward towards achieving this goal. As the name suggests, our primary focus with this website is to provide you with the money you need as fast as possible. We understand that sometimes people need money instantly.

About Us: Our Quick Loans

Here are a few more things you need to know about our quick online loans:

  • All our easy same day loans are unsecured. You don’t need to bring any assets to secure your loan. Just apply online, and if approved, we will try to get you the money within the same day.
  • All our loans are no guarantor loans. You don’t need to beg for favours from your family and friends to get a small loan. Lending money is a business of trust.
  • People with bad credit can apply! Your credit score is one factor out of over 150 rules that we check. In many cases, we take into account your affordability and intention to pay more than your credit score.
  • We always provide an instant decision! The average decision time once you apply on our website is 90 seconds. We do not require any paperwork.
  • Yes, we are an FCA-authorised direct lender! We get you the money directly. If we are unable to help, and with your explicit approval, we can try to find you a lender that can approve your loan within our trusted network.

But there is more.

Quick Loans Express is not only fast at getting you the money once approved. You can also repay your loan as early as you want and save on the interest. Remember, taking UK instant payday loans is like renting a small amount of cash you need for a short term situation. You pay “daily rent” on the money you hold. So, once you repay a portion of these funds, your “daily rent” will be lower.

Excellent support team

You are welcome to contact our professional service team with any question you may have about our loans. Come rain or shine, we are here for you. If you are having difficulties paying back our loan, please contact us.

How to contact us:
Telephone: 0203 909 5555
Post: Office 8, 2a Highfield Avenue, London, NW11 9ET

You will be surprised how far we will go to find a solution that fits your needs. We are here for you throughout the entire lending process. And we love our work.

Give us a try now! We will go a long way to help you.

Written by: Taylor Rose
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