Looking for a quick loan online? Quick Loans is our middle name! Apply now to experience a fast, smooth and easy lending process with bad credit accepted too. We are an FCA authorised direct lender that offers loans of up to £1100. We give you an instant decision on your application and if approved, we will deposit the loan into your bank in 1 hour. No paperwork and no guarantor required.

Your Questions? Our Answers

Quick, simple loans are attractive for several reasons. Efficiency and speed mean you should not have to wait long to get funds once approved. This is the most important factor. Formerly, fast loan direct lenders attracted criticism from those searching for short term financial aid. They felt that companies charged high fees that put them in further debt and did not treat them fairly. We believe that we can make a change for the better in the payday lending market and that is why Quick Loans Express was born.

Quick Loans Online

Quick loans online from a direct lender means that all loan applications are made on our secure website. Our funding process is fast and all our loans are unsecured and require no guarantor. Same day funding does not cost you any money, it is part of our service and we do it whenever possible.

A payday loan direct lender, like Quick Loans Express, is one that moves the funds straight to your account. You have the repayments collected directly by us and you will only need to correspond directly with ourselves. This process differs from that of an agent. We have made sure to put customers at the forefront of every decision we have made. Therefore, we do not have any hidden fees, and we won’t lend to those who would be unable to repay their loan without putting themselves in financial difficulty. Although our loans are quick, they are still very responsible and designed to help people in the UK.

If we approve your loan application, we will fund the loan within 1 hour. Quick Loans Express is a direct lender and it is free to apply.

Where can I find a quick loan with no credit check?

Quick loans are easy to find online; Quick Loans Express specialise in making your loan experience as fast as possible. However, we cannot offer quick loans with no credit check in the UK. This is because the FCA, who regulate the quick loans and payday loans industry, have made it illegal to do so within the UK. We at Quick Loans Express understand you want a loan as soon as possible; however, your financial safety comes first, and without a credit check no legal lender will lend you a loan in any time limit. We do offer quick loans for bad credit in the UK, and we are happy for you to apply.

Is it best to take out quick loans online or in a high street lender?

Taking out a quick loan in the UK online is guaranteed to be a faster experience. Think about the time it takes to; set up an appointment instore; travel to the shop and the waiting time involved. That is even before you ask for a loan and ultimately you will probably fill out a similar form as quick payday loans online. No doubt, it will be processed in the same way too. Quick Loans Express offers the same professional service but you can do it online from the comfort of your home, and your answer will usually be instant, within 90 seconds. Just find our online quick loan application for a fast response.

Are quick loans for bad credit and with no guarantor available?

All the Quick Loans Express quick loans require no guarantor. We make sure you receive your loan as quickly as possible because speed is our motto. Without a guarantor, the whole loan process is much quicker, and the decisions can be instant. We aim for a 90 second decision time limit. If approved, we also offer the same speedy service for quick loans with bad credit and no guarantor. However, some loan applications will take longer to process as specific information may need to be verified. We do this to ensure people get the most out of our best rates quick loans without a guarantor.

Where can I find easy, quick loans?

Applying and receiving a quick loan has never been easier. Most quick and easy loans can be arranged online through direct lenders. Using a broker for a loan is a longer and more complicated process. There is usually an online application form to fill out on direct lenders websites. Quick Loans Express has made these applications very simple so that you can receive your quick and easy payday loan swiftly. Some lenders offer quick and easy loans for bad credit, but it is important to remember that the interest rate can be high for these loans and occasionally will take longer.

How much can I get for my quick cash advance loans?

Our loan amounts range from £200 and up to £1100. As a payday loan, you have the option of repaying the loan in 1 month or longer.

The need for emergency cash impacts on the majority of people at some stage in life, and however much we have saved, these kinds of expenses can be extremely inconvenient. A fast payday advance from a responsible payday lender such as Quick Loans Express can help you to resolve your problems and provide you with peace of mind so that you’ll have the ability to pay back the short term loan the next time you get your salary.

You could be £100 short to cover your bills before the next payday. Provided that you know that you will have the ability to pay the money back, a quick cash advance permits you to repay the loan once your salary comes in and to cover the expense. We provide a range of flexible, quick payday loans and repayment plans to help you when it comes to repayment.

Quick Loans £400 over 1 month

If you repay your entire loan after: Amount of interest you’d pay Total saved through early repayment
5 days £14.00 £72.80
10 days £28.00 £58.80
20 days £56.00 £30.80
1 month £86.80 £0

How to Use Quick Loans

Although we don’t ask questions about what you plan to do with your money, due to our responsible lending practices and authorised FCA regulations, you will have to undergo several checks before we approve your quick loan application. Here are some reasons you may use our quick loans online:

What type of loan are you looking for? Do Quick Loans Express offer it?

Quick loans direct for urgent home maintenance


Quick loans with no paperwork for car breakdowns


Quick loans with poor credit for home repairs


Quick loans with no guarantor to cover unexpected bills


Quick loans 24/7 for emergency flights to a funeral


Quick loans paid today for urgent dental hygiene


Quick loans with no hassle for emergency medical bills


We only provide assistance to individuals who we feel will have the ability to afford to repay their loan without placing themselves in financial difficulty. Regardless of the reason, if you don’t own an emergency cash fund, you might find that a fast cash loan is exactly what you will need to get back on your feet.

You should not use a quick loan to pay off another sort of debt or to service other loan obligations, as this might lead to a downward debt spiral. We want you to be a responsible borrower! Don’t borrow amounts you know you can’t afford.

What happens after I apply for a quick payday loan?

We realise the need for a speedy response when you’re dealing with a financial emergency, and so we guarantee that our application takes just a couple minutes to complete. We will carry out a variety of checks after you have applied, after which you’ll get an instant decision advising you whether you have been successful or not in securing the loan.

If you are pre-approved for a one of our same day cash loans, you will probably be sent a pin code to your mobile phone, which you’ll need to enter confirm your mobile telephone number. To complete your loan application, we may also ask you to confirm a few details over the telephone.

Some lenders require proof of your income and salary with a payslip or bank statement. At Quick Loans Express, we don’t require any paperwork whatsoever. This means you will save time since you won’t need to print off any documents, sign them or send them via post. Instead, you can finalise your whole agreement quickly online.

Once this procedure has taken place and your loan is fully approved, we will transfer your money within one hour. We aim to make sure that the entire process takes place as quickly as possible.

How quick are our quick loans UK?

Quick loans in the UK are generally most suitable once you’re faced with an unexpected or unplanned expense which needs immediate action. If a lender can transfer money directly into your bank account in a brief period of time, we call this a “Quick loan”.

Typically, after completeng our UK quick loans short application online, we will give you a loan decision within 90 seconds. If approved, we transfer the money directly into your bank account within the hour. How’s that for a Quick Loan?

Loan Type
Loan Benefits
Easy Payday Loans Flexible payment terms Apply Now
Quick loans online UK Fast online application Apply Now
Fast Loans UK No penalties on early repayments (like most lenders) Apply Now
Quick decision loans Online ‘e-signature’ process Apply Now
Same Day Loans Transfer of funds within 24 hours (once approved) Apply Now

Can I get a quick loan with bad credit?

We understand that not everyone has a perfect credit score. That is why, here at Quick Loans Express, we welcome applicants with a less than perfect credit score. We understand that life happens and you may have just made a mistake years back. Sometimes your credit score has been tainted by accident, if you forgot to make some payments or simply cancelled a direct debit in error. It happens to the best of us, we understand. At Quick Loans Express, if you do have a poor credit rating you can still apply for one of our quick loans bad credit. Poor credit loans which you pay back early or on time can work to your advantage by bettering your credit rating.

Many people with poor credit who need an unsecured personal loan may still qualify if the amount requested is small. Lenders are more apt into taking a chance on those with bad credit rating when they’re applying for smaller amounts than larger sums.

Why should I trust Quick Loans Express?

Although we offer quick online loans, this does not mean that we skip out any parts of the process. This would be compromising your safety and endangering your finances. When you apply for quick online loans with Quick Loans Express, we will carry out a variety of checks to make sure that we are only lending to those who can truly afford to pay them back. In order to assess you for one of our quick payday loans we carry out a:

  • Credit Score Check — Enforced by the FCA, this is a significant factor in our decision.
  • Employment Check — We only lend to people who are working and make a minimum of £750 a month after tax.
  • Affordability Pressure Test — We look at what you wish to borrow with what you can afford

These checks help us to to be certain that you match our criteria and will be able to pay off the loan as agreed. Our purpose is to complete the process as quickly as possible. From the application to the sending of money can be just a few hours.

How do our Quick Loans Work?

Quick Loans are fast payday loans that are designed to provide a swift solution to urgent money needs.

Quick loans provide online help by quickly getting your information to the people who need it, without waiting periods. The website of the lender allows you to select how much you want to borrow, how many instalments you require and how long they will last. You will be able to view how much you are going to pay each time with no confusion. After you insert your information in the application, online lenders usually conduct other background checks and a credit history checks, deciding whether to approve it. It’s easy to withdraw your money once it has transferred. You will usually be able to set up a repayment plan to keep track of payment dates, making sure you do not miss a payment.

Finding an Online Lender

When people are searching for quick loans online, it can be tempting to go with the first site you see or with an offer that seems too good to be true. Ensure you do your research properly and only trust loan suppliers or brokers who are FCA-authorised and have put policies in place specifically considering their customer safety.

All of us have busy lives, but it’s extremely important you take a bit of time to research your options and find the most appropriate loan for you.

There are all types of short-term loan options available, from instant decision payday loans, where you repay the entire loan in only a month, to instalment loans that allow you to repay the loan over a longer duration. Rushing this decision rather than checking repayment terms and the rates of a few lenders could cost you hundreds of pounds down the line.

At Quick Loans Express we make checking the affordability of our quick loans easy. We do not hold anything back, displaying the total cost of the APR, the loan and the cost of each monthly repayment. You can then weigh the affordability of our cash loans up against lenders.

What Is The Difference Between Quick Payday Loans & Instant Loans?

When looking online for a loan, you might see the term ‘Instant loan’ used to describe a type of loan. There is not really such a thing as an instant loan. This is simply another name for a short-term loan that provides you with access to fast cash.

If you are shopping around for a short-term lending alternative, there is no need to search for a quick loan shop front on your high street. You can get apply for quick loans online in minutes from anywhere!

When using the term ‘instant loan’, it implies that the cash will be in your account immediately – as soon as you apply for the loan. However, this is rarely the case. Over the last few years, the FCA introduced several new rules to help protect those searching for fast cash. There are additional affordability checks that we must carry out before a loan can be approved, as well as caps on the overall cost of a loan.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you apply for instant loans or cheap fast loans online, the real process you go through is going to be very similar. Once you have decided how much money you want to borrow, and the repayment term, you can complete your whole application online in just a couple of minutes.

We will then carry out our affordability and credit checks and send you notification of our decision. Our underwriting team might be in touch with you by email or over the phone to verify a few details. If we approve the loan, we transfer the funds – usually within an hour.

Quick Cash Loans

Here at Quick Loans Express, we offer instant decision loans with quick cash deposit times. If you need quick cash loans and we approve the request, you’ll be sent the money within just a few hours. Straight to your bank account!

We are also proud to have high online loan approval rates. In case you do have a poor credit score and require loans for same day, you can apply with us for a loan. We also understand that submitting form after form and waiting day after day to get a decision could be tedious. You need it then and there. That is why we offer an instant decision once you apply.

Easy quick loans with an instant decision.

No Guarantor is needed. Same day cash upon approval.

Apply Now

How long does it take for Quick Loans Express to make a decision?

If you want to apply for a quick short term loan, you simply need to fill in our online application form (should take about 3 minutes), and you will have a decision in approximately 90 seconds. That’s it! 90 seconds to have a prompt loan decision with Quick Loans Express!

The basic criteria for a short term loan application are:

  • Living in the United Kingdom
  • Employed and earning at least £750 per month
  • Working debit account
  • Working mobile phone and email address
  • Over 18 years of age

FAQs about Quick Loans

What is an unsecured loan?

A payday loan is also called an unsecured loan. This means that if you take out an easy, quick loan, you don’t pledge an asset, like your car or your house. This means that, if you don’t make repayments, you will not have to give up your assets in return, as you would with a secured loan.

You can also call these payday loans a “quick quid loan”. They are especially for those who cannot manage to acquire a regular loan from high street banks. Payday, no guarantor loans companies, are very fast in funding payments to borrowers. This is unlike trying to secure payment advances from banks. When dealing with easy quick loans companies, clients do not necessarily become involved with any sort of paperwork or even phone calls. You can do everything online.

In the end, the process becomes faster and efficient hence facilitating rapid cash disposal.

What does APR mean?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. Here at Quick Loans Express, we are proud to offer one of the lowest APRs in the market. APR is a combination of interest and some other fees or charges, calculated over a period of a year.

We would like to assist you and with our responsible lending practices, we might be able to do that.

Do quick loans include fees & charges?

Here at Quick Loans Express, we believe in providing our clients with a service that does not compromise their financial positions, so we plan to minimise any fees and charges when you apply for our quick payday loans. We do not charge an early repayment fees as many different lenders do. The only additional fee that we charge on our instant unsecured loans is a £15 default fee — which you will only pay once throughout the entirety of the loan should you not repay your instalments as agreed in the contract.

Importantly, Quick Loans Express will never charge you any fees for making a loan application through our website. We firmly believe that it is highly unethical and you should not have to pay any upfront fees for any sort of personal loan.

There are also never any hidden fees. With Quick Loans Express, you can see exactly what you should expect to pay back in total, and on what dates.

Does Quick Loans Express charge any renewal fees?

We don’t renew loans by rolling them over or by refinancing them. Before you can apply for a new one, you must finalise your last loan with us. Therefore, we do not charge renewal fees!

How much money can I borrow with a quick loan?

All our customers, whether existing or new, can borrow up to £2000 as long as they meet our eligibility requirements. You can borrow from £200 up to the maximum of £2000, to make sure that you are able to cover any emergency which you might have.

What are the different types of quick loans I can get?

Payday loans are exceptionally versatile, and here at Quick Loans Express, we will do all that we can in order to make certain that your quick cash loans meet your requirements and affordability rating. There are several different fast loans that you can take out, including:

  • Instalment Loans — where you make repayments over a few of months
  • Short Term Loans
  • Payday Loans

These kinds of loans are all similar in qualities, and the amount of time you take them out for is the only differentiation.

What if I can’t repay?

Please contact us immediately! We are available via Customer Support so we can discuss the matter. We completely understand that sometimes a change in your circumstances for the worse can occur. Most times, it is completely out of your hands. If this occurs, it is our “Quick Loans Express promise” to you that we will be understanding. We will work together to come up with a resolution to get your loan repaid.

How are quick loans online regulated in the UK?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are the ones who regulate all financial institutions including insurance providers, banks and lenders. Their aim is to protect consumers at all times in case of any misconduct. Here at Quick Loans Express, we have a strong belief in providing our clients with responsible lending practices, as well as being transparent, fair and honest. The FCA has placed numerous caps on the fees and charges that payday loans can charge. This is to ensure that you will never have to repay more than double of what you borrowed, also keeping interest percentages capped at 0.8% a day.

FCA regulated short term lenders will look closely at affordability before approving any personal loan. You should be able to easily pay back your loan.

Our site is completely secure, and any details you provide will be held securely and never passed to other companies without your consent.

Quick Quid Loans

from Quick Loans Express

Although we pay our loans out quickly once approved, a lot happens behind the scenes beforehand. Though we may approve your application immediately, we checked that the application is not fraudulent, we have completed checks to make sure you can afford the repayment and ensured that we would not put you in a position of financial difficulty.

Our fast online application form is simple and easy to use. This is because we attempt to minimise the number of fields you have to fill in and will always include the required ones for optimal acceptance results and compliance considerations.

Our ‘state of the art’ proprietary backend system will automatically to assess your loan application. We decide if you can afford the loan amount and will analyse your application. There are also no middlemen involved, so you’ll always have direct access to us – the lender providing the cash.

Here are some of our top benefits:

No Payout Fee

No Hidden Costs

Quick Online Application

Various Repayment Options

100% UK Based

Fully Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority

High Acceptance Rate

Quick Loans UK Direct Lender

Although we take great pride in our services, you need to be aware that quick, easy loans may be a bit more expensive than other longer-term loan solutions.

The Bottom Line

Quick loans can be a fast solution to a short-term problem. But just because they are fast to obtain, it does not mean you should make any hasty decisions. We are an FCA authorised direct lender you can trust. Quick Loans Express is based in the UK. You can apply for our quick loans at your convenience, anytime online. We offer loans between £200 and £1,100. Once you have decided how much to borrow and applied for your quick loan, leave the rest to us. At Quick Loans Express, we focus on speed. It is hard to beat our 90 second decision time. If approved, we fund your quick loan into your account within 1 hour. Credit scores don’t scare us; you can even apply for our instant payday loans with bad credit. Apply Now.