Looking for a quick online loan in the UK? Quick Loans is our middle name! Our application process is fast, smooth and easy and you can apply now for a quick short term loan with bad credit too. We are an FCA authorised payday loans direct lender that offers loans of up to £1100. We give you an instant loan decision on your loan application, and if approved, we will deposit the loan into your bank account in 1 hour. No paperwork and no guarantor required.

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Quick Loans For Bad Credit

When applying for a quick loan, a bad credit score should not put you off. There are many good lenders regulated by the FCA who offer quick loans with bad credit, Quick Loans Express included. Although we perform credit checks, it is not the only measure we take into consideration when you apply for a quick cash loan with bad credit in the UK. We look at your current affordability and assess whether you will be able to make the repayments for the quick loans with a bad credit history.


Can I get a quick loan with no credit check?


Where can I get quick loans for bad credit on the same day?

It is very common for people wanting a quick loan with bad credit to search for ‘quick loan no credit check’. However, quick loans with no credit check are not legal in the UK. The Financial Conduct Authority regulates the payday loans industry in order to keep money problems to a minimum. They will only authorise lenders who perform credit checks on their potential customers.

We offer same day loan payout on all our loans including our quick loans with bad credit. This is because, once you are approved for bad credit quick loans, the process is the same for every loan application. We don’t only offer quick loans with bad credit on the same day; it gets better – we try to fund your bank account with 1 hour of approval.

Fast Loans

We often find ourselves strapped for cash when we need it the most. Most likely, you are getting to the end of the month with your already stretched budget but an unexpected expense arrived, and you have to pay for it. It might be your washing machine breaks, or your car breaks down, you may have a family expense, whatever the reason you need the cash now! But where can you turn for fast money loans? Asking for more a higher credit card limit or overdrafts take time and may require paperwork. A simple fast and easy loan on the other hand with Quick Loans Express can take as little as 1 hour. Our fast, easy small loans online will have your emergency money worries sorted in no time.


Are fast loans today legitimate?


Can I get a fast cash advance payday loans for unemployed?

Many brand new payday loan lenders and more traditional lenders will offer fast loans today or fast payout loans. This is because the need for fast payout in this instant and fast-moving world is growing. You should never compromise your sense of urgency and search for no delay cash with safety. Make sure whichever lender you apply with is FCA authorised. This means they perform a credit check and you will not end up paying more than double what you borrowed. Quick Loans Express is a reliable direct lender you can trust that provides 1-hour loans if approved.

Finding fast loans with no job or if you are on benefits is not easy. Nevertheless, some direct lenders or brokers will be willing to lend to you if you have another source of income. Many lenders are not willing to take the risk of offering fast cash loans for the unemployed. The risk of lending rises if you do not have a steady income or you have a bad credit score. Despite needing money, it is better not to search for payday loans no credit check from a direct lender or broker. Brokers or lenders offering no credit check loans are not legal and jeopardise your safety.

Quick Payday Loans

A quick payday loan is designed to help people in immediate and emergency financial situations when there is a need for a small amount of extra cash. Quick paydays loans online usually mean you apply and receive quick payday loans on the same day you are approved. Quick Loans Express can offer you these quick and easy payday loans. However, as all lenders are required to perform affordability and credit checks, there is no such thing as a legal quick guaranteed payday loan.


Can I get no broker quick payday loans?


Do Quick Loans Express offer payday loans with quick approval?

Quick Loans Express is a quick payday loans lender only, we are not a broker. By taking out a loan with us, you have all the benefits of taking a quick payday loan UK with a direct lender. This includes; no hidden fees, a quick loans online application process and loan decision and better communication with your lender. Every payday loan company, whether direct lender or broker, must state what they are. If it isn’t evident on their website – try to find one that is clear about what they are. Not saying if they are a direct lender or broker, could indicate that they are a loan shark.

Yes. Our focus is speed! We understand that you want quick approval payday loans. It takes us only 90 seconds to give you a possible approval for a quick loan. All you need to do is apply for our quick loans UK online and let our high performing algorithms do the rest. And we don’t stop there – if approved, you can receive your quick same day payday loans in 1 hour.

Quick Loans No Guarantor

Sometimes just finding a loan quickly is all that is on your mind and that can be slow if you are waiting for a guarantor to agree on signing your loan. That is why people often look for quick loans with no guarantor as it will speed up the process. A no guarantor loan is a type of unsecured loan that relies totally on your ability to repay the loan. There is no collateral or guarantor involved. You can apply for a quick loan without a guarantor at Quick Loans Express and receive an instant decision. If approved, we do our best to fund you within an hour.


What are the benefits of quick loans without a guarantor?


Are quick loans for bad credit and no guarantor available?

First of all, speed! You do not need to wait around looking for a guarantor who is willing to share the responsibility of your quick loan. Neither do you waste time with paperwork – you simply, fill in the application form and let us do the rest. We give you a decision in just 90 seconds. Unsecured loans or loans with a guarantor are usually cheaper, but a no guarantor quick loan gives people another option and is a popular way to borrow money.

Yes, however, it may take you sometime before finding a bad credit no guarantor quick loans. This is because the bigger the risk of the lending the more you will have to pay. Quick loans without a guarantor already pose a significant risk to the lenders, and a bad credit score further heightens the risk. However, Quick Loans Express will consider all applications even if you have bad credit. Furthermore, if you are searching for a ‘quick loans with no credit check and no guarantor’, then it is important to note that the FCA has outlawed any unsecured loan without a credit check and no moral and reliable lender will offer them.

Apply Now for Our Quick Loans Online

Quick loans online can be a fast solution to a short-term problem. But just because they are fast to obtain, it does not mean you should make may hasty decisions. We are an FCA authorised direct lender you can trust, and we believe in fair and responsible lending. Although Quick Loans Express is based in the UK, you can apply for our quick loans at your convenience, anytime online. We offer quick online loans of between £200 and £1100.

Once you have decided how much you want to borrow, you need to apply online. Our easy online loan application takes only 2-3 minutes to complete; you can then leave the rest too us. At Quick Loans Express, we focus on speed! You will receive our loan decision in 90 seconds. During this time, our complex algorisms performs credit checks and assess your affordability. If you are approved for our quick short term loan, we do our best to transfer the money to your bank account within 1 hour. Do not be hesitant to apply for a quick loan online from a direct lender with bad credit. Quick Loans Express specialise in payday loans for bad credit.


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