Apply Now for our £1100 loans online today! We are an FCA authorised direct lender offering online loans for even a bad credit score at your convenience. With an instant decision and if approved, we aim to deposit the cash by the end of the day. Quick Loans Express, focus on getting you the loan as soon as possible.

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Express Payday Loans Online

When you fall onto hard times, that bill just needs to be paid; your instant payday loan could just be a click away with our instant decision loans online. Quick Loans Express feels your urgency. We prioritise getting you an online payday loan decision within 90 seconds. In fact, all you need to do is fill in our easy online application form; our advanced algorithms do the rest in seconds. If approved, we will fund you within 1 hour too. Equally, don’t be dissuaded by your bad credit score, because at Quick Loans Express, that’s just the beginning. We look at much more at your current affordability for the loan online. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now for your bad credit loan online!

Do You Offer Instant Loans Online?

When you are in an emergency, you are likely to need loans online with instant decision to help you secure your financial situation. For this reason, Quick Loans Express cut to the chase with a 90 second decision time. Consequently, any online loan is expected to generate a much quicker decision time than if you had to venture into a loan store and only then start the application. Loans online with instant decision will no doubt help you in an emergency.

What are the Benefits of Applying for Instant Payday Loans Online?

What is promising is that whenever you deal with an internet lender like Quick Loans Express, the approval and application processes don’t require you and a storefront lender to meet personally.  With unsecured same day loans online, you’ll be able to apply anywhere you have access to the internet. You can apply away from home with your mobile or from the convenience of the household. You are not confined to going to a workplace during store hours. Quick Loans Express’s application is available 24 hours each day, seven days per week.

How Do I Apply for a Loan Online from Quick Loans Express?

You can apply now online with our straightforward application form. We have kept the questions easy for you to understand so the whole process of applying is easy and the time taken kept to a minimum. You can also apply online with bad credit too!

Everything nowadays is done with technology. The critical reason businesses are choosing to include machines is because everything takes much quicker. As a result, waiting in queues to speak to people, we believe, should be a thing of the past! Therefore, going online to fill out your loan form is cheaper, quicker and a more convenient method for most.

You can apply for a loan via our website. Just click on any of the “apply now” buttons to take you directly to our online application form. Our application process is straightforward, very clear and entirely online. This means you won’t need to queue anywhere and can do it from the comfort of your home. Our business is never closed! We are available online to assist you at any time with any questions you might have about your application. We are also available to explain how  Quick Loans Express works and any other concerns you might have.

What is the Loan Limit for Quick Loans Express Online?

Our loans range from £200 and up to £1100. We offer these amounts to new borrowers too. Our loans online are designed to be small and are tailored to help people catch up with their expenses. They are not meant to be used as a long term fix. If you are having difficulty getting on top of your finances or seem to be slipping into debt, contact the many advice services available in the UK. We recommend you compare our prices with other online lenders. Comparing loans online is another advantage of using online loans. Consequently, this is almost impossible to do with high- street lenders. How will you compare their prices? Go to the store? Call them up? Comparing short-term loans online has never been easier. There are many comparison websites to choose from; although most secure payday loans online should state their interest rates on their websites.

Furthermore, if you need specific criteria, it is easy to search for those things on the internet. Hence, if you are looking for no guarantor, instant payday loans, google it! You are likely to get many lenders online who offer these types of loans; we are one of them.

Will I Find Lower Interest From Loans Online or On the High Street?

Lower rates! The internet hands the power to the customer and not to the businesses, in this case, the borrower. Because the borrower can compare prices, lenders must keep their prices and interest rates competitive.

Reviews are another significant aspect of the power of the internet and customer compared with to the lender. If a borrower wants to check the legitimacy or the customer service of a website, there are many review sites they should use. If a person isn’t happy with a lender, it is effortless for them to write a negative review that can profoundly impact business. Often, you can tell how professional the lender is by the way they respond to good and bad reviews.

UK Online loans as opposed to making your way to a high-street have many advantages:
  • Speedy
  • More Convenient
  • Easier Access
  • Easy to compare prices and payday loans
  • Lower Rates

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Loan Online?

If approved for our loans online, we aim to desposit the money into your account within 1 hour. We believe in giving you piece of mind. By providing you with your loan in the shortest amount of time possible is it surely going to put your mind at ease.

Where can I find payday loans online no credit check from a direct lender?

Be advised, payday loan lenders that offer no credit check loans are not legal. This is to avoid people taking out loans they can not afford. The FCA instituted this rule of not accepting payday loans online with no credit check in the UK from a direct lender or broker. However, in some circumstances, lenders may be willing to offer online payday loans for bad credit. As a result, these payday loans tend to have a high-interest rate, and it is important to evaluate whether there is another way.

Where can I find payday loans online with instalment payments?

Most payday loan lenders online do not expect you to pay your payday loan off in one instalment. Instead, they offer monthly online payday instalment loans online. This means splitting the cost of your online payday loan over a few months. All you need to do is search for online payday instalment loans direct lenders or online payday instalment loans lenders, and a whole list of relevant websites should appear.

Why should I get a payday loan online from a UK lender?

Borrowing money from an FCA authorised loan lender is vital. Any UK lender that is FCA authorised is bound by their legal laws of conduct which is beneficial to you. For example, interest rates cannot rise higher than a certain amount. You can repay early and even cancel the loan within 14 days under the Consumer Credit Act. Furthermore, the FCA does not cover borrowing money from outside the UK and therefore may not be legal or legitimate and can cause much financial trouble.

What are best online payday loans?

Most noteworthy, best online payday loans do not mean without a credit check. Therefore, a best online payday loan is one from a direct lender and one that overs your competitive interest rates. Furthermore, always look to see if the lender is FCA authorised. In addition, look for easy to apply, swift and safe lenders that care about your financial stability and not their back pockets. Finally, apply to best rate payday loan lenders who do not expect an application fee.

How Do I Know I am Not Applying to Loan Sharks Online?

Quick loans Express is a legal lender online. The difference between us and loan shark is that we are authorised by the FCA and we will only lend to you if we can be sure you can make repayments. However, be careful when searching online for a payday loan, as it may not result in such savoury lenders. Many loan sharks prowl on the internet and snatching vulnerable customers. So, a vulnerable borrower may be unable to get a best payday loan because of their bad credit rating and current financial situation.

What should I do if I have been targeted?

If you are in this position, there are many money help advice services to turn to who can advise you what to do. Hence, loans sharks are not the answer! Loan sharks can be deceptive, and you need to be able to spot them when you search for payday loan lenders online.

Here is a list of things you should look out for on lender websites:
Is there full contact details, a legitimate address, a phone number on their website? If you can’t trace them, don’t use them.
Can you click on the FCA authorisation number to check they are legal? If you can’t click on the number, don’t click on their apply now button.
Does the online lender clearly state themselves as a direct lender or broker ? If it’s unclear, they obviously don’t want you to know, transparency is vital!
Are you receiving cold call and spam ? No reputable lender will cold call you offering you good online payday loan deals. Do not respond to suspicious emails.
Does the website have a secure connection? A secure site would have ‘https:’ in the URL bar of their browser.
6. Is the lender using complicated language to explain simple terms? As a result, if you aren’t clear, steer clear!

Best Online Loan Companies

Choosing the right lender before taking out your payday loan online is very important. However, it hard to know precisely what payday loan you need and what features of a cash loans UK to compare.

Here is a list of things you may need to search online for:

Search Terms
Payday Loans Online Direct Lenders Only
A payday loan online from a direct lender means receiving a payday loan directly from the lender and not through a broker. The advantage of using a direct lender for an online payday loan is that you avoid a broker fee. This is in addition to the payday loan interest rates.
Online payday loans direct lenders
Instant payday loans online direct lenders
Online Payday Loans For Bad Credit
Choose lenders that offer payday loans online with bad credit rather than bad credit loans. It sounds complicated, but some ordinary payday loans lenders may be willing to take into consideration your current affordability as well as your credit rating. A bad credit payday loan is a bad payday loan. The interest rates can be crushing and unethical.
Online payday loans bad credit
Online payday loans bad credit history
1-hour Payday Loans Online Direct Lender
If you are in an emergency and need a payday loan as soon as possible, it is worth your while searching for 1 hour or loans in 24 hours etc. Quick Loans Express, if approved for our payday loans online, will offer you a payday loan within 1 hour (during office hours).
24-hour online payday loans
1-hour online payday loan

Do You Accept Bad Credit for Loans Online with Instant Decision?

We implement a fair borrowing scheme, if we know you can repay the loan then it is possible for us to offer you online loans even if you have bad credit and you will receive an instant decision. Using the internet to offer loans has opened new prospects for people who the banks would once have refused. Banks can afford to be picky to whom they lend. Yet, online payday loans lenders for bad credit and specifically Quick Loans Express, look at your credit score and relevant financial considerations, like your employment status and your income. They are therefore much more likely to offer you a bad credit loan online with instant decision.

Get our Fast Easy Online Payday Loans Now!

Finding a loan online can be a daunting task. Quick Loans Express aims to make it a quick and safe online borrowing experience and is a smart choice for your small loans online. We are an FCA authorised direct lender that is here to help solve your money quandaries. It’s easy to apply; just fill in our simple online application, and we will give you a decision in 90 seconds. If approved, we do our best to deposit the money in your account within 1 hour. New borrowers can apply and borrow up to £1,100. We welcome people with bad credit to apply for our loans too.

Access your payday loan online now! No waiting time, no fuss, just a straightforward and swift legal borrowing solution for you.

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