Welcome to Quick Loans Express. We are a fast and secure payday loans direct lender authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We have designed the application process to be as quick, easy and straightforward as possible. All you need to do is enter your loan amount (between £200 – £1100), fill out our simple application form and let us do the rest. Before submitting your application, we reveal the expected interest rate you will need to pay, so you can decide if this loan is right for you. We carry out a credit check and assess your affordability and provide all our applicants with an instant decision. We specialise in direct lender loans for bad credit. If approved, we can fund the money in your bank account within the hour.

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Payday Loans Direct Lenders

When you are faced with an unexpected expense, and you need cash fast, you may search online for ‘payday loans UK direct lenders’ as opposed to a broker. It is important to know before applying for a loan, whether your payday lender is a broker or direct lender. There are many benefits of using a direct lender, including the speed of getting a loan and keeping your personal information safe. Quick Loans Express is a new, instant payday loan, direct lender in the UK, and you can apply 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Can I get a no credit check payday loans from a direct lender?


Is it better to use an old or new payday loan direct lenders in 2018?

Often when a person has a bad credit score and is looking for payday loans from a direct lender or broker may try searching only for a direct lender in the UK that will not perform a credit check. It may be tempting, because it bypasses your already bad credit score, or you are looking for high acceptance payday loans. However, new direct lenders or brokers authorised and regulated by the FCA are required to carry out credit checks and assess affordability to ensure ethical and safe lending. For this reason, ethical, direct payday lenders can’t guarantee payday loans either. Quick Loans Express is committed to safe and secure lending but, we don’t get put off by poor or bad credit. If you can afford it, we give it with no extra fees.

Considering whether to use an old or new payday loan direct lender is a hard choice. It is like anything – do you go with the old and trustworthy or the new and innovative? Older payday loans direct lenders are tried and tested yet they can be expensive and stuck in their ways. Newer payday loans UK direct lenders may offer more, like payday loans for the unemployed, people on benefits, online, in 15 minutes, 24 7, etc. Their interest rates are usually more competitive than older direct lenders. Sometimes, the reliability of new direct lenders offering payday loans is yet to be recognised. However, if they are authorised and regulated by the FCA, they must be following the rules – ourselves included.


Loans for Bad Credit from Direct Lenders

Legend has it that people with bad credit find it harder to get loans from a direct lender. The belief is that loans applications through a broker will give you a higher acceptance rate although the interest rates may rise dramatically. However, all legal lenders, regulated and authorised by the FCA must perform a credit check and assess affordability. (You must avoid lenders offering no credit check or guaranteed loans – as they are illegal!) The rules are to protect vulnerable people from debt. However, applying with us as a direct loans lender UK will get you the best of both worlds. We look at the bigger picture and have a high acceptance rate. If you are looking for a no guarantor, direct lender loans for bad credit, you have come to the right place. Bad credit does not deter us from lending to people who can afford it.


What are installment loans for bad credit direct lenders only?


Is it possible to get loans for bad credit with no guarantor or no fees from a direct lender?

Most short term loans offer the option of repaying back in instalments whether you have bad, poor, fair or even good credit. This makes it much more manageable to pay off your direct lender loan. When borrowing from us an installment loan from a direct lender, you have a choice of repayment options within a four-month period, so it works best for you. It makes no difference if you have bad credit. Again, if you are looking specifically for installment loans no credit check from a direct lender, be advised that they are illegal and will compromise your safety.

Many direct lenders offer no guarantor loans for bad credit and with no extra fees because it allows applicants to benefit from a faster and easier loan process. Taking a loan out without a guarantor means that you do not waste time looking for a person to secure your loan or filling out extra paperwork. However, do expect higher interests rates and a lower rate of acceptance compared with bad credit guarantor loans from a direct lender. The additional plus is using a direct lender; as you deal with the direct loans lender directly and your information is more likely to remain secure. Since our loans for very bad credit are for short term use only, we do not offer 12-month loans, but we give you up to four months to repay your direct lender bad credit loan.

Short Term Loans Direct Lenders

Short term loans from direct lenders are designed as a quick fix until you manage to get your finances together. It is not recommended, and we highly discourage using our loans as a long term solution. As a quick short term loans direct lender in the UK, we provide short term loans for up to 4 months, and you can borrow between £200 and £1100.

Instant Payday Loans from a Direct Lender

The best way to ensure you receive your loan fast is to use a direct lender. This is because you automatically get instant access to your lender during the application process. You also get to do all the research beforehand. You know who you are applying to and what to expect at the beginning. If you don’t use a direct lender, you won’t know how long a decision is going to take and how long it will take to receive a loan. Quick Loans Express provides an instant decision. We are a same day loans direct lender that aims to lend you the money within an hour. Now that is fast – you can get your instant loan in no time!

Why you should choose Quick Loans Express for Direct Lender Loans

Quick Loans Express is fast, small direct lender loans company here to assist you in emergency financial situations. You can borrow between £200 and £1100 for up to 4 months without a guarantor. Using us as your direct lender will ensure you have a quick and safe payday lending experience. After applying for direct lender loans, we provide you with an instant decision and if approved, same day payout. We are authorised and regulated by the FCA – and we believe in fair lending. You can apply with bad credit too! If we feel you can afford to make the repayment, we are happy to lend to you.

Access your direct lender loans now! No waiting time, no fuss, just a straightforward and swift legal borrowing solution for you.

Written by: Taylor Rose
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