Looking for a loan from a direct lender? We offer direct lender no guarantor loans. Simply apply online 24/7 and borrow between £250 – £2000. Our direct lender loans are FCA authorised and we specialise in loans for bad credit. Receive an instant decision, and if approved, we can fund the money to your bank account within the hour.

Applying for Short Term Loans from Direct Lenders

When unexpected expenses arise, and you need cash fast, you may search online for ‘short term loans direct lenders’ as opposed to a broker. It is essential to know before applying for a short term or long-term loan, whether it is a broker or direct lender as they can be very different.


There are many benefits when using a direct lender:

  1. Speed

    Using a direct lender allows for faster and better communication between the borrower and lender. If the direct lender needs to relay information about your quick cash loan – they will do so directly which will save alot of time.

  2. Data Information is Kept Private

    Applying to a broker means that your data is shared amongst the lenders even if they do not provide you with a loan. Once they have your contact information, you are likely to receive annoying calls, texts and emails. When applying with a direct lender, there is no go-between, you only share your data with them.

  3. No Extra Fees

    If you deal with a third party, they are likely to charge fees for using their service. A direct lender will keep costs down.

Loans for Bad Credit from Direct Lenders

Legend has it that people with bad credit find it very hard to get loans from a direct lender. The belief is that loan applications through a broker will give you a higher acceptance rate although the interest rates may rise dramatically. However, all legal and responsible direct lenders, regulated and authorised by the FCA must perform a credit check and assess affordability. The rules are to protect vulnerable people from debt.

Applying with us as a direct loans lender in the UK will get you the best of both worlds. We look at the bigger picture and have a high acceptance rate. If you are looking for a no guarantor, direct lender loans for poor or bad credit with no fees only, you have come to the right place. Bad credit does not deter us from lending to people who can afford it.


Which Lenders Should I Avoid?

Navigating the direct lender payday loans market is difficult, and especially if you don’t know what is legal. Whether you are looking for small loans of £50, £100 or even £200 or even something larger like £1000, always avoid the following products:

  • No credit check loans
  • Guaranteed approval loans

Furthermore, always check a lender’s website for a clickable FCA authorisation company number. Quick Loans Express is a reliable FCA authorised direct lender that cares about your safety. This is our FCA authorisation.

Payday Loans Direct Lender

Quick Loans Express is a payday loans direct lender, which means that as per guidelines for payday loans in the UK, all interest is capped at 0.8% per day. Another benefit of using a direct lender from the UK as opposed to the broker is knowing precisely what your direct lender can offer. So let’s get the facts straight now:

  • You can borrow £250 – £2000
  • Get funded same day, if approved
  • Pay back in monthly instalments (up to 6 months) on your payday.

Quick Loans Express is a payday loan direct lender, which means that we try to arrange the repayments to coincide with your monthly payday (or when you receive your income if you are unemployed).


Why Choose Quick Loans Express as your Direct Lender?

Quick Loans Express is a fast direct lender here to assist you in emergency financial situations. Using us will ensure you have a swift and safe payday lending experience. After applying, you’ll get an instant decision and if approved, loans with same day payout. We are authorised and regulated by the FCA – and we believe in fair and responsible lending. You can apply with bad credit too!

Written by: Taylor Rose
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