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How fast can I get an emergency loan?

Our simple application takes about 3 minutes to fill out, and you get an instant decision 90 seconds later. Once approved, you can get the money into your bank account within 1 hour and you can use the money straight away to cover any emergency costs! Apply today before 4:30 pm so you know you can sleep easy tonight with the emergency behind you.

Emergency Loans for Bad Credit

Having poor credit can impact your ability to get a loan when you need money now. All is not lost, however. Options are out there to help people get emergency cash even with a bad credit history. Consider the following factors when you’re searching for an emergency loan but have a bad credit history:

  • APR:
  • The APR (interest rate placed on the loan) will likely be higher if your credit score is below average. Consider any cheaper alternatives to loans. Emergency loans can be high-cost forms of borrowing and come with risks.

  • Affordability:
  • Can you afford the repayments of the emergency loan you’re taking out? Calculate your income and expenditure to determine whether you can easily afford repayments.

  • Alternatives:
  • Emergency loans can be a costly form of borrowing; what alternatives do you have? If you have any friends or family who could help, you should consider this before a loan. Overdrafts and credit cards or applying to join a credit union are all possible more affordable forms of borrowing.

  • Guarantor:
  • Will you need a guarantor to access emergency cash loans? Those with a bad credit history are sometimes invited to have a guarantor. A guarantor can unlock better repayment terms and higher loan amounts. A guarantor will be equally responsible for repaying the loan, being liable should you default.

  • Help:
  • If you have any debt issues, seek help before applying for an emergency loan. Although they are fast and easy, emergency cash loans are expensive and can worsen existing money problems. Continue reading for further details on what support is available.

Do emergency loans impact your credit rating?

Put simply, yes. A loan will have an impact on your credit rating. This effect will depend upon numerous factors. As long as you make all of your repayments in full and on time, the loan could have a positive impact on your credit score and cause it to rise.

However, if you default on your repayments and any legal action is taken, then your credit score can go down. In the UK, details of any credit accounts you have (such as loans) will be reported to credit reference agencies, and these reports will typically stay on your credit report for six years.

Can I get a loan without a credit check?

You can, but it may not be safe. Responsible online lenders will carry out a full credit check as well as a thorough affordability assessment before lending to you to make sure you can repay the loan. If you find a lender that does not do a credit check, it could be a loan shark. We recommend you check the lender you’re applying with on the Financial Services Register to make sure they can be trusted.

How to Get an Emergency Loan Online

You can easily find emergency payday loans online. It is quick and easy to fill out the application and have immediate access your urgent funds should your application be approved. If you prefer, payday lenders are also found on the high street, so you can go into a physical shop to apply for an emergency loan. It’s also possible to telephone a loan company to apply for loans that can be available the same day.

With bad credit, getting money from a loan can be more challenging, but options are still available. Considering the factors discussed above, the same opportunities of applying online or in-person in a high street store are still available to those looking for a loan with a poor credit history.

Research the best lending option for you (which may not be an online emergency loan, as they can be expensive and carry risks), and then you’ll be in a solid position to begin your application and get access to the money you need.

Need Money Now? Get a Loan Today

Automation and services online mean it’s possible to apply for a loan and have the funds faster than ever. If you need money now, plenty of direct lenders can provide emergency funds in a matter of hours. No timeframe can be genuinely guaranteed, however, which should be kept in mind.

Multiple factors go into underwriting, and requests for additional evidence may delay an application. Should all go smoothly, you can access to urgent loan funds on the same day you applied. Ensure your application is complete before any same-day payout deadlines. You should also be totally honest in the application to prevent any delays. You can apply for a Quick Loans Express easy loan through this website.

Facts About Emergency Cash Loans

Emergency payday loans are becoming more readily available than previously. Easy loans and are the last resort option for many who find themselves in a sticky situation. Here are some facts and statistics surrounding emergency loans online:

  • The most common amount people borrow money through emergency cash loans is £100. The average online emergency loan size is £260.
  • Three in four customers take out more than one loan in a year.
  • Those taking out a payday loan are typically on a low income of less than £1500 per month. Cheaper borrowing alternatives may be available and should be considered first.
  • 83% of customers have taken out a payday loan online. 29% of customers opt for urgent loans on the high street. 12% have taken out emergency funding loans both online and on the high street.

Apply for a loan with us and you’ll be in safe hands. We have speedy payouts and flexible repayment terms. We’re a responsible lender and will only extend an emergency loan if we feel confident that you can afford to repay. We do not wish to worsen financial issues, so seek help as detailed below should you need it.

Who Can Help With Money Urgently?

Remember that emergency loans for bad credit are expensive forms of borrowing that come with risks. Cycles of debt can be hard to break, and payday loans can worsen this. Consider asking friends or family for help before searching for a bad credit emergency loans.

Less formal arrangements with friends or family carry a lower risk than a high-cost loan. You can discuss repayment details so they are affordable and don’t add unnecessary pressure. Help may also be available through your local authority, such as community support grants. If you require an emergency loan, you can apply through Quick Loans Express below.

Alongside alternatives to expensive borrowing options such as emergency loans, help is available for those who are struggling. Impartial charities such as Step Change can provide unbiased advice if you’re struggling with debts. They can assist with tackling your debts, such as arranging Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs).



What loans can I get?

This is dependant on your personal situation. Factors such as your income and monthly payments, along with your credit file, will determine what loans are available to you as well as the interest rates you’ll be offered. People who have high credit scores, a stable income and who can afford repayments without a struggle, will have the broadest range of different loans available to them.
Remember only to take out a loan that you can definitely afford to repay, and also check if there are any alternatives that could be cheaper, such as overdrafts or credit cards.

Can I repay a loan early?

You should check with your loan provider what their policies are surrounding early repayment of your loan. Any terms attached to paying off your loan early will also be detailed in the credit agreement that you must read through before signing the consumer credit agreement (CCA). Early repayments aren’t always an issue; however, some lenders may place additional fees on repaying loans early or may not allow it at all, so always check first if you’re likely to want to repay your loan early.

How much do emergency loans cost?

Emergency loans are capped at 0.8% interest per day or £24 over a 30 day period. You can also get a cheaper loan if you pay early at no additional cost. For example, you can take a loan for 30 days, yet pay it off after two weeks, and you’ll only pay for the time you had the loan.

Will I have to pay tax on a loan?

Tax will not usually be applied when taking out a loan in the UK as it isn’t classed as income and must be paid back. If you take a loan from friends or family and agree to pay them back with interest, the person extending the loan to you may have to pay tax on the interest they earn from your repayment.

When should I use an emergency loan?

Emergency loans can be a fast way of getting access to funds in an urgent situation. Sometimes things can go wrong, such as a boiler breaking down or other unexpected expenses that are difficult to cover without help. If you need money now, then Quick Loans Express is here to help. However, we don’t recommend borrowing to pay off other credit, unless you have a debt consolidation plan with a trusted debt organisation.

Can I apply for an emergency loan if I am unemployed?

Yes, you can still apply if you are unemployed or on benefits, as long as you have income and can afford to pay back the loan on time. However, remember that emergency loans are expensive, so you may want to check first if you’re eligible for additional benefits using one of these calculators before applying for expensive emergency loans online.