Do payday loan alternatives really exist in the UK?

An increasing number of people are demanding payday loan alternatives. If you’re on the hunt for a suitable replacement to the current form of payday credit, remember to consider factors like the total cost of borrowing, acceptance rate and repayment flexibility. When you take everything into account, you may find that credit cards, bank overdraft and revolving credits are not always cheaper than short term payday loans.

Quick Loans Express is an FCA regulated direct lender. We provide short term credit online of up to £2000. Unlike payday loans, our quick loans online offer total control and flexibility. You can repay as much as you want as early as you want and save on the interest. Our loans are optimised for a high acceptance rate, and we’ve invested in top technologies to allow us to offer same day cash in the bank together with banking-level security.

Controlling the time and amounts of your repayments gives you the flexibility not only to save money, but also to avoid additional late repayment charges. Most instant payday loans simply don’t provide this level of flexibility. Setting up a flexible credit facility with QuickLoansExpress is a viable payday loan alternative that removes a great deal of stress from borrowers. Over time, it makes it easier for borrowers to pay their loan on time and gradually improve their credit rating and financial future.

We believe that people with bad credit should still have access to a good loan online. Here at QuickLoansExpress, we put our focus on affordability. We’ve already helped many people who were declined for traditional payday loans to get flexible credit online, and we want to provide you with a loan that will help you. No guarantor is needed, and we’ve used Google’s AMP technology to make our loans application form super-fast so that you can get your loan decision in just 90 seconds.

Apply today for an online credit facility of up to £2000 with QLE Credit, and enjoy:

  • Flexible repayments
  • Total control over your loan
  • A super-fast mobile version (AMP)
  • No need for a guarantor
  • A more affordable loan than a traditional payday loan

One of the fastest alternatives to Payday Loans in the UK

Forget slow-loading old fashion payday loans forms. We appreciate your time, and we are using the most advanced Accelerated Mobile Pages technology to make your loan application the fastest in the UK. It’s not just the speed, we have a high acceptance rate for people with low credit score, and at 696.83% our Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is among the lowest in the market, compared to traditional payday loan lenders.

Representive Example
Loan Amount (for 6 Months) £700
Six Repayments of £203.32
Total Repayment £1219.32
Representative 696.83% APR

What are the Disadvantages of Payday Loans?

Many payday loans lenders are trying to sell the same product that they’ve been selling for years. They seem to have forgotten to move forward with the time and focus on innovation and more consumer-centric products. Traditional payday loans inherit some core disadvantages:

  • Affordability – Many payday lenders look at your credit score as the definitive parameter. For example, a County Court Judgement (CCJ) 5 years ago may influence a payday lender’s decision even though it does not reflect the borrower’s current affordability. We at QLE like to put things in proportion. We’ll always try to help people who can and want to repay the loan as they work towards reaching financial stability.
  • Flexibility – Most payday lenders don’t allow you to save through early repayment or closing the loan early. Furthermore, many do not allow flexible instalments either. Our flexible, quick credit is an affordable alternative to payday loans. At QLE, every loan comes with flexible repayment options, for free.
  • Data management – The GDPR gives you the right to access your personal information. We’ve taken it one step beyond that. QuickLoansExpress allows borrowers to get all their data with one click. You can see it online or even download it as PDF.

Don’t compromise for less! is not just a flexible credit facilitator, we are an FCA-authorised direct lender and a part of the famous Western Circle Group of the UK. We are big believers of treating our customers fairly and are determined to give you the best loan experience we can.

Welcome to the UK payday alternative

Forget payday loans. Welcome to the QuickLoansExpress flexible alternative. Get full flexibility, early repayment and easy instalments, together with a super-fast loan process. Our mission is not only to get you the money you need fast but to support you throughout the entire process. That’s why we’ve made our quick and simple application form online into a secure AMP page. It’s your money, so don’t compromise! Don’t waste your time on companies that offer excellent payday loan alternatives but accept only one out of 1000 applications. No matter what your financial situation may be, we are here for you.

Written by: Crystal Evans
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