Before buying anything online, stop! You can most likely get a discount with the help of voucher codes. In this article, you’ll learn how to enjoy the benefits of voucher codes for all your purchases.

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What are Voucher Codes?

A voucher code is another word for a discount or promotional code. Voucher codes are a series of letters or numbers that are used to get a promotion for a specific shop. For example, a Debenhams voucher may offer 20% off or free delivery over £30. Voucher codes can either be found on the sellers’ website or on various voucher code websites.

Voucher codes are a way for businesses to draw in new and loyal customers. They do this by offering them discounts when they shop at their stores. Various websites showcase these kinds of discounts. For every person who uses a promotional code to purchase goods, the voucher code host website will receive a commission.

Thousands of leading high street stores and restaurants offer discounted goods through the use of promotional codes. You can find codes for a huge range of items and services. These include posh restaurants and fast food outlets, retail goods, grocery shopping, electronics, holidays and experiences.

Where to Find Voucher Codes in the UK

The easiest way to find a voucher code is to type in the search bar or voice search the business online with the keyword ‘voucher code’. There are numerous discount code websites in the UK and the most relevant one should come up. However, voucher codes do go out of date and therefore not all voucher codes will be valid.

Different websites will have their own deals with businesses that may be exclusive to them. It’s worth shopping around. You don’t only need to use these codes online. Many vouchers can be printed off and presented at stores when you are shopping. There are special apps for smartphones that allow their users to show the voucher on their phone when they are paying in stores, restaurants and attractions.

How Do I Use a Discount Voucher Code?

Once you have selected your items and are ready to pay, you can enter the voucher code into the relevant box and the savings will be discounted from your bill. This is an example of what the promotion code box would look like if there is one. Most businesses will only accept one promo code at a time. For example: you can either choose free delivery or get 20% off. It is worthwhile working which one will save you the most money. There are other sections for printable vouchers or smartphone vouchers that you can see at the time of purchase in person.

Where Did this Great Idea Start?

My Voucher Codes is one of the most popular websites that people prefer to use in the UK to find discounts on the things that they want to purchase. The original idea, of building a website where people could take advantage of many promotional discounts in one place, without the need to trawl the internet, came to Mark Pearson, a young 27-year-old man who had a florist business. He took inspiration from his single mother who used to cut out coupons in order to save money on her grocery shopping bills.

His florist shop website was being paid to advertise Inter Flora and Flowers Direct. He soon found that he was making more money on commissions from the other companies’ flowers than he was from his own. This inspired him to set up a small website that cost him £300. It was initially run from his sofa on a laptop. Instead of approaching companies, in the beginning he sought out discounts placed elsewhere and added them to his site. His idea became so popular that within the first year of business in 2006 he had made a profit of £300,000. This was the start of the first promotion code website in the UK.

So what have we learned so far?

  • You can save money on almost anything by using a voucher code
  • There are many websites that offer voucher codes for use online
  • Voucher code websites get commision on purchases
  • Different websites have exclusive codes only for their use
  • You can search on Voucher code websites by item or brand name
  • Mark Pearson started My Voucher Codes in 2006 and made £300,000 in his first year
  • My Voucher Codes was the first voucher codes website in the UK

Why Do Businesses Offer Voucher Codes?

Businesses have a lot to gain when they offer discounted products on these voucher code websites. It is proven that by issuing voucher codes, they will enjoy an increased custom, increased online and in-store sales figures, an increase in the average order value and an increase in their market share. Naturally, businesses are very keen to work with these kinds of promotional sites. The web companies use the latest technology, through the use of their apps on mobile devices. These use location awareness to alert foot shoppers of great savings as they near shops. This ensures a higher level of footfall into their stores, resulting in higher sales.

These voucher code websites can see as many as 70,000 new, fantastic offers every month. Therefore, people are always checking them out before buying. People who receive newsletters informing them of all the best new deals that they may take advantage of will be tempted to buy products that they may not otherwise have considered. For the businesses that collaborate with these sites, the money that is discounted would have been spent on more marketing anyway. Small businesses benefit greatly from providing voucher codes as it gets their name out there, for example; Escape rooms, beauticians and different experiences

Common Voucher Code Searches
Dominoes voucher codes
Argos voucher codes
Debenhams voucher codes
Currys voucher codes
Asos voucher code
New Look voucher code

Free Voucher Codes: A Win-Win Situation

Many people who regularly use voucher codes will not buy anything without them. If you could save as much as 50% off an item, that you will buy anyway, then why not? For these users, it is not so good for the company because they were already going to buy the product. By giving a discount, the company has not attracted new business. Many people leave a shopping website at the checkout to hunt down a promotional code to enter before the final payment.

VoucherCodes promise their users that if they take a code from their site that is invalid, they will buy them a free dinner, in the form of a £20 Pizza Express gift card to compensate, as part of their codes guarantee policy. A family wanting to have a great day out at a theme park can now go with discounted tickets. What’s more, at the park they can enjoy discounted food and snacks from big-name food outlets on site. This is a massive help for a family who wanted to treat themselves to an exciting, fun outing that can cost hundreds of pounds. This way, they will not need to even consider using small loans in the UK.

What Does the Future Hold for Voucher Code Websites?

There was a rush around ten years ago of people jumping to open voucher code websites. This happened when they saw the success of the first one, My Voucher Codes. Anyone can do what Mark Parsons did, and many tried. However for these sites to work they need a lot of money to invest. Maintaining such a site includes supporting a marketing team, code writers and experienced managers. The successful voucher code websites all had big budgets and a lot of employees who were managed by great leaders. The companies that have survived can look forward to a prosperous future as people become accustomed to shopping with a discount.

The Future of Voucher Codes

By using voucher codes to purchase merchandise, or to enjoy food on the go, a person can make considerable savings. The numerous voucher code websites are easy to use and direct the shopper straight into an online store where they can insert the promotional code at the check-out. A person not taking advantage of these marketing tactics, from tens of thousands of businesses, would be losing a lot of money as discounts can be from 10% – 50% at the click of a button.

With the growth of internet sales exceeding all expectations, there is definitely a future for these kinds of websites. There is a danger for companies that many people no longer want to pay full price for their goods, as discounts are so easily attainable. In the future, fewer people will visit physical shops and more will be purchasing everything they need with a few clicks of a button. These sites allow people to satisfy their need to shop by making them feel happier buying things at a discount.

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