Its that time of year again. Red roses and helium balloons are appearing in the shops, love is in the air because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Quick Loans Express provide you with 5 great Valentine’s Day ideas that are enjoyable and cheap.

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a special time of year to spread love and affection usually by sending love letters, little gifts and going on dates. But how did it start?

Valentine was the name of a famous saint in Rome during the third century who illegally married couples when Claudius II had banned them because he thought married men made bad soldiers. Sadly, Saint Valentine was caught, thrown into prison and sentenced to death. While in jail, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. On the way to his death, on the 14th of February, he sent a love letter to her and signed it ‘from your Valentine’.

The celebration of Valentine’s Day stems from an old pagan Roman festival Lupercalia that took place mid-February. Boys would pick a girl’s name from a box and become boyfriend and girlfriend for the day. Sometimes, they got married. Later, Christianity wanted to incorporate this festival into their religion, so they borrowed the idea and named it after Saint Valentine. From then on Valentines Day became a day for one to express their love and appreciation to others.

When is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day takes place on the 14th of February every year. (The day of the week bears no significance.) However, as Valentine’s Day is a popular tradition, shops, bars and restaurants are eager to celebrate and cash in. Just because Valentine’s Day has been hijacked and commercialised, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it cheaply. In this article, Quick Loans Express give you fantastic and romantic ways to celebrate this day of bonding without breaking the bank.

5 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Here are 5 of favourite things to do without needing to take a instant payday loans bad credit to pay for this romantic night and day.

  1. Does Cooking Valentine’s Dinner Together Sound Good?

    Food is what brings us together, but where is the fun in worrying about what to eat, where to eat and how much to spend. The restaurants are bound to be packed, and no one wants a noisy meal. Let alone the inflated prices for a one-course meal. Make dinner more about the journey and less about the destination. Explore new recipes and cook it together. Then enjoy a quiet evening in enjoying the fruits of your labour. Set the scene by using candlelight and creating a romantic feel.

  2. Take a Romantic Walk

    Valentine’s is all about quality time and enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes a stroll is all you need. Whether you only have time for a stroll in your local area or choosing to travel to a beautiful spot like a peak or to hear the crashing of the seaside waves. Take the time out, wrap up warm, turn off your mobiles and talk.

  3. How about Creating Your Own Home Cinema

    Are you an avid movie watcher, or feeling nostalgic for an old romantic comedy? Don’t waste your money by taking a trip to the cinema which is coming increasingly expensive, dig up one of your old DVD’s, buy one or even use Netflix and find the top watch for the night. Make it more enjoyable by buying or baking yourselves a little treat and drinking a nice glass of wine. Snuggle up and enjoy!

  4. Who Doesn’t Like Love Vouchers?

    Cards are traditionally used as a way for people to express their love. Presents, such as flowers and chocolates are also intertwined with Valentine’s Day and some people are prepared to take out short term loans online to pay for their expensive presents. Why not get creative. All you need to do is come up with tokens to present to your partner of small things s/he will appreciate. For example, running a bath; cooking supper; 1-hour walk; play a game; massage; go for ice cream; etc. You can even write a little message explaining how much you appreciate them and love them at the same time.

    To make this extra special, think up 24 different date ideas for things in and out of the house and write them down and place them in different envelopes. Each month present your partner with two envelopes; one to do at home and one to do outside your home. It is something to look forward to every month, and it will no doubt increase your compassion towards your partner.

  5. Celeb-late?

    Does Valentine’s day have to be the day, or can you celebrate a day later? There are many advantages to choosing to celebrate one day late.

    • No longer ‘hyped’ prices
    • Shops put their Valentines items on sale
    • Beat the queues
    • If you do decide to eat out, there is no need to struggle when booking a table, who has their dates scheduled for the night after?!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whatever you decide to do, it’s always important to keep the spirit of the day at the forefront of your mind. It should be something both you and your partner are excited about without spending a fortune or turning to best same day loans UK. Remember, the 14th of February is about sharing your love for people and not for money. If you need help with your finances contact money advice service. However, share these Valentine’s Day ideas with your friends and spread the love.

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