Its almost that time of year working parents dread and children eagerly await. No, not Christmas, but the summer holidays. The summer can be very expensive and the question is why? Also how can you make summer holidays cheap but fun?

How to Survive Summer Holiday Expenses?

The school holidays can be a great time to do exciting things that parents are not able to do during the school year. Unfortunately, for many families, the price of all the costs that they incur during school breaks are causing increasing numbers of parents to rely on instant decision payday loans that put them into debt. Why then do parents find summer holidays so expensive?

No School Dinners Or Breakfast Clubs

The costs of providing food for children, who usually receive free meals at breakfast clubs or through school dinners, can cause some parents to worry about how they will cope. The Trussel Trust hand out more emergency food parcels during school holidays than at other times of the year. They provide to desperate families referred to them by social and healthcare officials.

Days Out Cost

Children quite rightly expect to experience all the great things unavailable during term time, during the summer holidays. This can result in expensive holidays and days out to theme parks that can cost a lot of money.

Revamp of School Uniform and Supplies

For parents, the end of the summer holidays means finding the money to pay for a new school uniform, shoes and supplies.

Parents Working Part-Time

Some parents are forced to work part-time hours to take care of their children. This can result in lower wage packets. Many parents are not in the position to do this and have to pay for childcare or expensive summer camps.

Extra Pocket Money

Parents usually give extra pocket money for their children to buy ice creams or drinks when they are out with their friends. Even taking children to the park, a supposedly free activity can cost if it involves food and ice cream.

Companies Raise Costs During School Summer Holidays

The most well-known industry for increasing the price of their products during school holiday times is the travel industry. Data collected by travel currency website FairFX showed that a holiday for a family of four could cost £3000 more during August when compared to the same holiday package used in June and July. Parents who remove their children from school during term time face fines. Many families, who want to take expensive foreign holidays, still take their children out of school during the school year as the school fines are still considerably less than the increased price of an August holiday!

It is not only British holiday companies who increase their prices during peak times. The prices of theme parks and other tourist attractions are all hiked. Local family activity centres and even swimming baths also often increase their entrance prices during school breaks.

How to make summer holidays cheap and less expensive

Some children will have a brilliant time wherever they are. Happy children are those who are given their parent’s attention and love, wherever they may be.

Budgeting for the school holidays

Planning ahead for school holiday expenses is an essential part of money management. It will avoid having to take a payday loan to cover the huge costs that parents have to face during the school holidays. It is only logical that an average August salary will not cover all this extra expense. With a small amount of savings every month, a holiday fund to use during the holidays could be a Godsend for many hard-up families. However little it is, you can use it for some extra fun activities within your budget during school break times.

Money saving tips for the summer

  • Great outdoor events are held across the country during the summer months. Check local newspapers and websites for upcoming events in your area. Then you can pre-plan and budget for them.
  • Household chores can even be turned into an exciting endeavour when children are encouraged to help in the kitchen to create something that they love to eat. This can also teach them valuable life skills in a fun way.
  • Consider staying with family or friends who live in tourist destinations to cut out the cost of hotel accommodation on a family holiday.
  • Summer holidays cheap airline tickets are available as soon as they are released. This is usually around 9 months before departure.

  • Checks cinema ticket websites for cheaper deals. Family ticket deals and children’s ticket also tend to be cheaper. Also, take your own drinks and snacks, you will save pounds this way.
  • Invest in outside toys, like bikes or tennis rackets – in the summer weather the children can enjoy endless hours in the free outdoors.
  • Prebook tickets to theme parks online or save using 2 for 1 of Merlin attractions you often can cut out from your cereal box. National newspapers and magazines too offer money off coupons for many attractions. Again, if you are going out for the day, prepare a picnic, food at attraction tend to add a considerable expense to your day.

Payday Loans in the Summer Holidays

Many people would assume that the Christmas holidays would see the biggest increases in short term loans. But research shows that a growing number of hard-up families are taking small payday loans to cover the price the summer break. The incredible feeling of joy that children experience on their last day of the summer term is often not the same feelings that their parents’ experience who are left wondering how they will cope with all the increased living costs that will be incurred by having their children at home for the next six weeks.

Summer Holidays

Preparation is key. Seeking out reduced-cost or free activities and budgeting for this period of increased expense is the only way that some families can avoid taking out an online same day loan. You must carefully manage your money to cover the mammoth costs of having children at home during the school summer holidays. Unfortunately, some families will have to rely on high credit finance during the summer time as they cannot afford to save.

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