Are you horrified by the current cinema prices? Quick Loans Express explores different tricks so that you pay less for a wonderful time out at the movies.

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  • In 2016, 168 million of us went to the cinema.
  • The average moviegoer spends £12 on top of their ticket for things such as popcorn and drinks.
  • It has been a long time British tradition to take the kids on a Saturday morning.

A trip to the cinema is still one of the most popular leisure activities people do in the UK. However, unlike America, the cinema is not an essential part of daily life. Nevertheless, thousands of Brits go to the movies every week.

Cinema Prices

So how popular is going to the cinema? In 2016, 168 million of us went to the cinema. The box office pulled in £1.25 billion in profit. It is fair to say; the cinema is not going anywhere, anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean that cinema prices are not expensive. Over the last five years, single ticket cinema prices have risen over 25% with some cinemas charging more than £20 for a single ticket. The average moviegoer spends £12 on top of their ticket for things such as popcorn and drinks. This makes going to the cinema quite expensive and people can fall behind on their bills or use same day loans to fund their free time. Remember sometimes the best things are free.

Quick Loans Express, a instant cash loans lender, provides you with sharp tips to save money on your trips to the flicks.

Weekday Cinema Ticket Prices!

Like pubs and restaurants, Cinema’s are much quieter during the middle of the week. Many Cinema chains are using this more peaceful time to persuade more customers to come through special off-peak tickets, especially for the midweek shows. The prices for midweek days such as Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon reduce substantially, and it may be worth your while considering going on one of these days. While not everyone can enjoy this benefit because of work or college, if you do have the free time, a midweek trip to the cinema can save you a lot of cash.

Memberships for the Cinema

How often do you go to the movies? Are you one of those people that go at every opportunity or not quite as dedicated and only go when a new film like Star Wars is released? For the dedicated moviegoer, there are many good deals to be had!

You can get an ‘unlimited card’ from Cineworld for just £17.90 a month. It is useful at any time of the day and as many times as you want within the month. You also get 10% off food and drink and the benefit of discounted upgrades. If you go to the cinema at least once a week, you’ll end up saving a lot of money with the unlimited card.

Furthermore, other cinemas offer similar deals. For example, Odeon limitless also provides unlimited screening for a single monthly fee from £17.99. It is a good idea to find out the offers of your favourite cinema near you and check whether they have a membership scheme.

Don’t let your cinema season ticket become like your gym membership, used continuously for the first month, and then a year later you find that you are still paying for it despite not going once in the last six months. Keep on top of your membership, and you will see how those movie trips will suddenly cost a lot less.

Family Cinema Tickets

Just a single ticket to the cinema can be expensive that’s doubled when you bring your partner! But imagine the cost if you bring your whole family? It could accumulate to almost £52 for four people. However, you can save yourself a little cash if you do some research.

In some cinema chains like VUE and Odeon, they offer family tickets. The advantage is that the entire group only pay children’s prices. However, watch out for the small print. You can’t just turn up with people and claim they are all family. To qualify for the family pricing, you are probably required to have two adults and two children or 1 adult and three children. In this case, you won’t be making a considerable saving. The best thing to do is to check the offer before turning up, so you know what to expect.

Children’s Tickets

Looking to take the young ones to the cinema? Keeping to tradition might be cheaper. It has been a long time British tradition to take the kids on a Saturday morning. Although the days of penny tickets have long gone, the cinema still has special discounts for children on Saturday.

Cinemas have extended these discounts to midweek and are likely to run them to during the school holidays as well. So check out your local cinema prices and discounts and keep the kids occupied while avoiding payday loans during the summer holidays.

Online Cinema Deals

The internet is a fantastic place to find great deals online. Many discount or vouchers sites may offer promotions and events for cheaper. Look at Groupon or Wowcher; they often have cinema vouchers for cheaper. Alternatively, you should check the local cinema for special offers or collect Tesco Clubcard points.

Save on Snacks

Besides for the expensive ticketing, 99% of moviegoers, like to complain about the cost of refreshments. The cost of going to the cinema can almost double if you get refreshments and that’s just for popcorn, drinks and sweets. It is almost crazy. Some people can’t sit through a movie without guzzling down cans of coke and munching their way through 2 packets of crisps and chocolate. What is it about the cinema that just makes you want to eat?

You can avoid these extra costs by not going anywhere near the concessionary stand. Convince yourself that you don’t need the food, or you’ll buy food later at a cheaper place. Obviously, this is not always an option, and you know yourself if it is possible to avoid, especially if you have kids with you.

The other alternative is for you to bring your own snacks. Besides for being healthier, you will be saving a lot of money. However, the question is, are you allowed to?

Often cinemas do not explicitly state whether they allow you to bring your own snacks or not. Put it this way; they do not encourage it. This is because by allowing snacks people won’t buy their own stock. However, you should check out before your visit for individual cinema rules. Commonly, alcohol and hot food are usually always forbidden by the cinemas.


So will you be making a trip to the movies anytime soon? Quick Loans Express, instant loans online lender, have provided you with a few different tips to cut the cost of cinema prices. Check out our other great tips so you can live life for less and not fall into debt.

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