Are you looking to treat family and friends on special occasions but don’t want to break the bank? Instead of taking out loans to pay for an expensive gift, our gift ideas under £10 can help you mark the occasion beautifully. Read on with Quick Loans Express for some creative gift ideas.

Our suggestions for gift ideas:

  • Photo frames & albums
  • Personalised gifts
  • Books
  • Name a Rose
  • Plants & Gardening Supplies
  • Name-related gifts
  • Name a Star
  • Presents related to birth-dates
  • Chocolates & Sweets
  • Alcoholic Beverages

These gift ideas are incredibly versatile, and you can easily adapt them for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s & Father’s Day, engagements, weddings, retirements, christenings or ‘Thank You’s. They are appropriate for all different ages and genders and cover a wide range of interests. The best part? These gift ideas for friends and family are all under £10 so your wallet will thank you along with your recipient. At Quick Loans Express, we greatly discourage people from taking out instant payday loans to pay for gifts. Instead, we hope to help you find a unique and budget-friendly alternative with our gift ideas for friends under £10.

Photo Frames & Albums

A photo frame or album is a great option for any occasion. Plain wooden frames are suitable for any photo and match any home decor. If you’re buying a wedding or christening gift, you can purchase special, decorated frames or albums which say ‘Our Wedding’ or ‘My Christening’. If it’s for a more informal occasion, consider finding a fun photo of you with the recipient to stick in the frame. Alternatively, get out some crafting supplies like fake flowers or letter stickers to decorate a plain frame yourself. This finishing touch makes the gift much more personalised and meaningful.

Personalised Gift Ideas

You can find a wide range of gifts online for under a tenner which you can personalise by printing the recipient’s name. In fact, you can find almost anything from coffee mugs to wine glasses and kitchen aprons to compact mirrors. Many also have a humorous quote or picture so you can customise the gift to their personality, hobbies or job. A personalised gift is a thoughtful and unique present that the recipient is sure to appreciate.

If you’re shopping for a wedding or engagement gift, you can find many adorable ‘His & Her’ sets from egg cups to hand towels. These sets are generally inexpensive and a sweet nod to the upcoming nuptials.


If you’re on the guest list of a bookworm, then a great book is an excellent gift idea. You can often find books under £10 to suit every interest and give a gift you know they’ll use again and again. Glossy coffee table editions make impressive gifts, and if you keep an eye out for sales, you can get a great bargain. Of course, classics are always an excellent option and never get outdated. If you know they enjoy a certain author or particular genre, try to find them a book from that section. However, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can get them a brand new novel that was just published. It’s exciting to be one of the first people to read a novel hot off the press!

Name a Rose

Has your recipient got a green thumb? For only £7.99, you can buy a rose named after them! Since the registry naming allows up to 22 characters, you can even use it as a joint present for engagements and weddings by combining the couple’s names. They’ll receive a unique packet of seeds along with a certificate of registry and a unique database number. This is a great gift idea for anyone who loves flowers and the outdoors. And it’s alright if they aren’t experienced gardeners – they also enclose a care guide with instructions to help them grow their rosebush.

Plants & Gardening Supplies

Depending on their home and whether they have space to garden, buying a plant or packets of seeds can be an ideal gift for any age. Remarkably, there is something universally fascinating about watching something grow.

For those with only a balcony or indoor window sills, you could easily pay less than a tenner to fully equip their mini-garden with the pot, soil and a mini-gardening fork. Who knows? You may even help your giftee discover a new hobby!

Name-Related Gift Ideas

Do a little research online to find out what the recipient’s name means and buy a gift according to the meaning of their name. For example, did you know that the name ‘Melissa’ comes from the Greek word for ‘honey bee’? Perhaps you could put together a honey tasting kit with different flavoured honey sticks in an inexpensive honey jar. Wrapped in cellophane with a note or poem about her ‘sweet like honey’ personality, this is a great gift idea for a friend. Besides being very cute, this type of gift showcases the thought you’ve put into it. Better yet, the recipient will never know how little it cost you to make! You alone will have the satisfaction of giving a beautiful gift while avoiding same day loans.

Name a Star

For a bit more than naming a rose, you can name a star in the intergalactic star database after your loved ones. They will receive a gift certificate with the name of their star, as well as a map of the night skies. Imagine the romance of a couple looking up at the heavens for their star or a child’s excitement when they realise they have their own unique star.

Presents Related to Birth-Dates

There are many things you can buy which feature the recipient’s zodiac sign. Alternatively, why not purchase something featuring their birth-stone or flower?

For something slightly different, find out their sign in the Chinese horoscope and buy a gift connected to their animal sign. This could be anything from ornaments or keychains to taking them on a trip to the farm or zoo.

Chocolates & Sweets

What better gift for someone with a sweet tooth than a box of chocolates or sweets? Truffles are a popular choice, but why not go for champagne-flavoured ones to add to the sense of luxury? For the more unconventional gourmets, there are many unusual flavours, like spicy ‘hot’ chocolates, to mix things up a bit.

When it comes to buying chocolate, the presentation is the key. Some of the more expensive brands come in attractive re-usable boxes. Thus, even after the chocolates are long gone, this can be used as a desk tidy or for odds and ends in the kitchen. Although it might cost an extra pound or two, if it’s still within your budget, it certainly adds a nice touch.

Alcoholic Beverages

For adults, alcohol is always a popular gift as it gives people the chance to celebrate in style. There are many boxed gifts for under £10 which include a small bottle of liquor or wine with two glasses. This is an excellent gift for an engagement, anniversary, or a special birthday.

Conclusion – Gift Ideas for Friends and Family Under £10

You shouldn’t need to take small loans to buy a gift for your loved ones’ special occasion. Therefore, Quick Loans Express suggests several unique gift ideas for friends and family that won’t break the bank. All the gift ideas in this article are inexpensive and show that you’ve given them careful thought and put your heart into it. Without a doubt, your family and friends will love to unwrap these thoughtful presents on their special day. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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