Here are 10 Easy Ways of Eating on a Budget

  • Cook from Scratch
  • Plan for Eating on a Budget
  • Cut eating out or getting takeaways
  • Buy Basics in Bulk
  • Search for Frugal Recipes
  • Drink Water
  • Shop around
  • Eat Seasonally
  • Use Leftovers
  • Use real plates

Eating on a Budget

Food is the the number one downfall for many people. Whether its that quick takeaway, TV dinner or Coffee before work, we all can find ways to spend less on what we eat and drink. Sometimes eating on a budget can add a little excitement to your lives and also save you money. Making your own bread, or picking your own produce gets your body moving and will enhance your healthiness and happiness. Quick Loans Express, a instant payday loan direct lender show you 10 economical ways of eating that are productive and will allow you to stick to your strict budget!

  1. Cook from Scratch

    In this day and age, you can get anything from your supermarket like sliced carrots and pasta sauce. To put this in perspective, you can buy carrots for 6p each. When the shop takes a carrot and cuts it into a few carrot sticks (less than a minute of your time), its cost 50p! It’s the same with sauces, such a tomato sauce. A jar can cost around £3. Buy a can of tomatoes worth 25p and flavour it yourself.

  2. Plan for Eating on a Budget

    According to a lot of food blogs, planning your meals together with your budget is key! In this way to can share ingredients across the week and you are more likely to eat healthier because of a meal plan. We have created a meal plan pdf that will help you plan your food for the whole week, including you snacks and how much you are expecting to spend. (You can download and print our meal plan here.) If you don’t, you tend to get drawn to what you have in your fridge, and it’s not likely to be balanced. Planning ahead and shopping with a grocery list can also reduce stress. If you know what you are making, then you can defrost things early, and it can save not only money but time too!

  3. Cut Eating Out or Getting Takeaways

    As a rule, you shouldn’t eat out; so, cut out those trips to the nearest McDonalds when times are tough, instead make sure to have a few healthy homemade readymade meals in your freezer. If you fancy a get together with your friends, invite your friends to dinner instead of making a trip to a restaurant. If you are going out for the day, either to work or on a trip, pack your lunch before. Not only will you live and eat healthier, but you will also be saving 100’s of pounds in a year.

  4. Buy Basics in Bulk

    You can also consider buying food that will last. We recommend you invest in a big freezer and purchase ½ beef that will no doubt last you a very long time. Also buy the basics in bulk if they are on sale: Sugar, oil, flour, etc. however, do not fall into the trap of buying everthing in bulk. You either will eat unneccesarily or you will end up wasting it.

  5. Search for Frugal Recipes

    Many recipes tend to show expensive proteins, but there are many frugal recipes available that provide you with a right amount of protein and an excellent wholesome, balanced diet. If you like baking, bake your own bread!

  6. Quench Your Thirst with Water! (and Fruit)

    Especially now with the sugar tax, you can spend a lot less money by drinking the good old H2O than buying expensive fizzy drinks and juices. Again, your body will only benefit from it and it is almost free. If you want a little flavour, cut up fruit and let it infuse with the water. Fresh!

  7. Shop Around for Cheaper Products

    Shop around! Getting stuck shopping in the same old supermarkets is easy. You know where things are and you begin to trust the prices. However, if you shop around, you will learn what different shops sell and whether you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Remember, you are looking for wholesome food and not fancy packaging. Also, many shops offer voucher codes and these little extras can save you a lot of money andsave you from taking out small payday loans.

  8. Eat Seasonally

    Fruits and vegetables that are in season are much cheaper than those out of season produce. For example, in April, Strawberries, Oranges and Beets are all in season and are likely to be less expensive than other times of the year.

  9. Make Use of Leftovers

    If you make roast chicken on Tuesday, make a chicken stir-fry the next day. If you like to have a few meals in the freezer, freeze fresh leftovers and enjoy the fruits of your labour later. (Just make sure the dish freezes nicely!)

  10. Paperware?! I Don’t Think So…

    Finally, eating on a budget is not only about food. The question is what to eat off? Well, if you want to be frugal, then plasticware or paperware is a no-no! Use good china and wash them straight away. They are so easy to clean, and they will save you a lot in the long run.

  11. Eating Healthy On a Budget is a Win-Win

    After all this, I am feeling hungry! But don’t worry, I have a whole fresh apple and a homemade pasta salad for lunch! Yum! Visit our blog for more fun money-saving secrets that match your budget and keep you away from using same day loans UK.

    Taylor Rose
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